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This corner is an edit of questions on "Whisper of the Heart"
which I received in the past to the Q&A form.

What kind of might elder sister be Shio for Shizuku?

Shio was absolute existence elder sister for Shizuku. Shio partitioned the home instead of the father. Moreover, Shio handled housework instead of the mother. Shio was melancholic existence for Shizuku. Because, Shio was often ordered to Shizuku. However, there are a little faults in Shio. Therefore, Shizuku was not able to resist Shio.
Shizuku heard Seiji be about to become a violin craftsman. Shizuku thought about the own future at night of the day. However, she has not understood it well. Then, Shizuku questioned Shio on the future of Shio. She might have been thought that Shio had the clear future.
However, an unexpected answer came back from Shio.

"I am going to the university to look for my future. "

Shizuku knew Seiji of the same age as me had already decided his future. However, Shio did not decide her future though entered the university. (The future indicates the life and the job) Shizuku thought that She had found the fault of Shio for the first time.
Shizuku was hoped for that she was going to decide my future early as well as Seiji. Shizuku thought that Shio has only the part-time job after she was entering the university. Still more, Shio has not decided her own future yet. Shizuku thought that Shizuku did a way of life different from Shio.
Shio was not an absolute standard any longer for Shizuku. Therefore, when Shio pursues the decrease of Shizuku's result, Shizuku resisted Shio.

Shizuku might daily guzzle milk. What is the meaning by which she drinks milk?

Certainly, Shizuku is ordered to often go shopping by her mother to buy milk. And, Shizuku drinks a lot of milks at her family.
It is uncertain why Shizuku likes milk. Because the stature of Shizuku is low (Perhaps, about 150 centimeters), she is about to extend stature even a little and might be taking milk. (It is believed that milk extends stature in Japan.)
Let's change the aspect here. The mother and Shio drink coffee. However, Shizuku entirely drinks milk. It might be drawn that coffee is a symbol of the adult, milk is a symbol of the child.
( Of course, the barley-tea is a drink all families. )

Grandfather Nishi's memories when he went Germany to study when he was young are too beautiful. Is not it bluff?

Certainly, grandfather's memories are beautiful. Grandfather's stature is not so high. If grandfather Nishi was enclosed by German people, his stature might have looked lower. It should have become a handicap cap so that he might do love in Germany.
However, grandfather Nishi's character had the wonderful one not defeated at everyone. There needs to have been a woman who fell in love with his character even if his stature was low or he was the Orient. Ruise might have been such a woman. Therefore, I think that grandfather's memories are not complete lies.
However, he had very long the foot and smart when he was young. His memories might have been somewhat beautified possibly.

Why did that fat cat appear?

That fat cat "Moon" never flatters the person. Shizuku does not flatter the person, too. However, Shizuku is sometimes hesitant and becomes timid. I think that that fat cat "Moon" is existence by which such Shizuku is encouraged.

How did the relation between Yuuko and Sugiyama become?

The scenery to which Yuuko and Sugiyama leave happily school is drawn in ending of "Whisper of the Heart". I think that they surely became good couples.

What kind of mineral is Lapis Lazuli?

It is a mineral which does a blue color and one of birthstones in December.
Lapis Lazuli is accompanied by grainy iron pyrites which shines to gold on blue surface. It associates the mysterious world. Therefore, Lapis Lazuli was from ancient times and a lot of people had been enchanted.
Lapis Lazuli was valued highly as a charm in ancient Egypt. As for Mmesopotamia, it was valued as a sacred stone.
Lapis Lazuli is produced in present Afghanistan. Half the west of the "Silk Road" which ran from here to Mesopotamia to Egypt, it was called alias "Lapis Lazuli Road".

What did the grandfather Nishi present to Shizuku?

It says the mica schist and is a mineral which contains beryl (raw ore of the emerald).
A beryl is main ore minerals of the beryllium. The one chromous though the pure one was colorless, transparent is vivid green. It is especially called an emerald.
The emerald is a birthstone in May. It was known for several thousand years as an expensive jewel.
A natural, pure emerald is very rare. A lot of of that impurities are contained. The stone which the grandfather Nishi had presented to Shizuku contained a large, beautiful emerald. It will have been very expensive.

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The item of the mineral had cooperation with Nishibe Shinji.
2 photographs obtained and took a picture of the permission of the Kobutsu-Kagaku Kenkyujo co.ltd.

What is "Dwarf" mean?

As for the old-fashioned mechanism clock repaired in the earth shop, dwarf was built into it.
Dwarf is a meaning of child. It is not a peculiar noun but a general name. For instance, seven children who come out to "Princess snow" seem to be dwarf, too.

Where is the model of conveniece store which appears to the movie?

Conveniece store which appeared to the movie was in front of the Mukaihara station. This actually corresponds to the Hyakusouen station in the vicinity at the Seiseki-Sakuragaoka station. Therefore, it will become a model if there is conveniece store in front of the Hyakusouen station.
However, there is no noticeable shopping street around the Hyakusouen station but it exists at the position where conveniece store parts, too. Therefore, conveniece store which became a model seems to be in another place.

The girl of the ideal for me is Shizuku. I throbs when Shizuku is seen.
Am I abnormal?

Clearly, you fell in love with Shizuku.
However, it is not any even if abnormal. Let's fall in love fast. It is not anxious.
Because your father might also have been falling in love with heroine of the movie when your father was young.
At least, improve you as even Shizuku's charm and ability.
And, when the falling in love girl who falls in love with you some time shows up, love her ardently.

Please teach when there is "Whisper of the Heart" translated into English.

Official "Whisper of the Heart" translated into English has not been put on the market yet. But, Disney is scheduled to put the Ghibli work on the market all over the world in the future. Let's pay attention to the news in the future.

Is not the short story screened concurrently to "Whisper of the Heart" screened again? My daughter wants to see this by all means.

The work is called "ON YOUR MARK". It is a short story on 48 seconds of 6 minutes produced as a promotion film of CHAGE&ASKA. It was screened at the same time as "Whisper of the Heart" besides being introduced in the concert of CHAGE&ASKA.
The promotion video by which the singer song artist becomes animation was unusual. It was an adventure at that time at the time of having been made "ON YOUR MARK". Then, it was called "Experiment" animation. However, it called equal to the animation "Yellow Submarine" of Beatles.
In general, marketing was not done as for "ON YOUR MARK". Therefore, it was called "Video of the phantom" for a long time. However, the video was put on the market at last on July 25, 1997 because there were a lot of fans who hoped for the sale. "Something There" is collected to this video together. This tune is ending tune of "Street Fightor" that CHAGE&ASKA advanced to Hollywood for the first time. The video is collected this two songs(total 14 minutes). The price is about 2700 yen in both videocassettes and the single laser disk.

Newspaper article which reports on video sale.(Houchi newspaper on May 3, 1997)

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