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Scenery of the Seiseki-Sakuragaoka
hopes for the direction of the Seiseki-Sakuragaoka station taking a picture in 1996
(Here is a region referred for setting the movie.)
"Whisper of the Heart" was opened to the public in July, 1995. The story is supposed to have progressed from the summer of 1994 to the autumn. However, the background of the story might be done after the model of the scenery several years ago.

First of all, surrounding of Seiseki-sakuragaoka station, the scenery of the town of 10 years ago was drawn as the supervisor was admitting. The reason is that the building stood too much. Moreover, it is almost completed to control the collection of books by the bar code in a present library. But, it is a little like behind the times in this story because I will prepare the control hereafter.

The railway model is Keio-Teito electric railway. However, the situation is still adopted several years ago. Most examinations of tickets of a present station are automatic operations. In this story, the station employee was still in the examination of tickets. Moreover, the vehicle of the model has already retired. It exists only in the branch line.

It can be said that it is suitable to open the movie to the public to 1990 beginning of the year head when this setting is observed.
Old model vehicle of Keio train
This model that became the model of the movie that was retired all yet. We cannot see it any longer.

Though the original was serialized in 1989, it was an autumn of 93 years that the original had been adopted for the first time at the plan conference for making into a film. And, the movie was opened to the public in the summer of 1995. I think that it was lucky from a consequential viewpoint of this for the work. If made promptly into a film, the content of the movie might have changed largely.

The age when the original was serialized was popular the things which were not produced, the dealings of land, stocks, and picture. The age was called so-called bubble business. Moreover, it was said as dark and trivial that to be extolled and to make an effort honestly. A young generation is not free from this atmosphere, too. I think that the following key words were not understood until the bubble age ended, to produce things, to make an effort hard.

"Whisper of the Heart" is exactly suited in the age. It is a reason to have dared to draw the scenery several years ago.

Spectacle in Tama hill
The scenery has always changed. It changes a little for several years. However, the generation by which the change can be felt is limited.

This movie is made for a young generation. However, the junior high school student who are the same age as characters cannot understand this movie so much. It is thought that the a little further generation suits this movie. Because, the child lacks power by which the change in the age still actually feels. One of key words in the movie is a change. As for the stage of the movie, the scenery several years ago is adopted. Being possible to notice to a little change for several years until present is a generation above. If it is not this generation, the change will be not able to be actually felt to change an average town and controll the book by the bar code.

The generation by which youth had been spent in the bubble age got on the flow in the age. As for this generation, when the bubble age collapses, their standpoint has not been understood because the experience of the life is shallow. They lost sight of a firm purpose. Here, they saw the movie and received further impression. The reason for characters of the movie is to be too splendid. If there was no bubble age, they also thought whether to have obtained steadier youth.

Leaving aside what one intend by Mr. Miyazaki, it is imagined that this movie suits the recollection of the generation by which the age of youth has been spent by chance in the bubble age most.

Convenience store "Family-Mart"
This shop is located from the Seiseki-Sakuragaoka station to the middle of the road following the "Danchi"a housing development. The movie faithfully reproduced this shop.

As for convenience store, it appeared to Japan and 20 years or more passed. And, it has settled completely in our life. The spectacle which might be natural and used in the work of "Whisper of the Heart" before the hit is drawn. as a place for a little shopping, and as a place of meeting with friends.

The shop which is called convenience store is counting 50,000 in the whole country according to statistics of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry now. The number reaches about two times the post office. Sales became equal to the parent company "Ito-Yoka-doh" at last in the maximum hand of the convenience chain and "Seven-Eleven Japan". Convenience store accomplishes the function as the bookstore, too. A huge amount of weekly magazine is sold there. Additionally, various there service of the reservation of the payment of the public utility rate, the package, the ticket, the card, CD-ROM sales, and the travel ticket etc. is offered. It can be said that it is symbol existence in the age when convenience is exactly requested.

However, convenience store always does a new service groping. Because convenience store is sensitive in the flow in the age.

By the way, a peripheral population is called to be necessary 2000 persons so that the management of convenience store may consist. There is a shop of 50,000 in Japan now. The population per one is 2500 persons already. Convenience store has developed smoothly. However, it begins to see a saturated symptom in recent years. Actually, the clearance and the withdrawal of the shop stand out in the chain of the medium-small business. Even by a big chain, about 100 shops closed every year.

It is said that the lower bound of the population per one was called 5000 persons before though. However, because the service described in the previous end of a paragraph had been enhanced, the limit became meaningless. Especially, sales of the lunches contributed to the growth of the shop. Similarly, if newer service is offered, 2000 persons' limits will be overcome.

And, characteristics of convenience store are the united designs and service. However, I think that making the shop individuality will advance in the future. For instance, "Circle-K Japan" is advancing the shop development matched to the trait of the location, trunk line road place along railway-tracks type, center of a city type, and residential quarter region type, etc. A common handling article will decrease and the commodity suitable for needs in the region be sold there.

By the way, convenience store was a shop before for the young man. However, an advanced age customers are increasing now. The generation up to 16-25 years old of having occupied 70 percent or more of the visitor before became below the half now. The commodity composition is changing according to guest's change, too.

"Sunkus" put a lunch for the advanced age and a high-level lunch on the market. It is a try to acquire the aged as a customer. Other "Seven-Eleven Japan" is examining the service which deals to aging society. For instance, serve the lunch from convenience store to the region. It is told that "Family-Mart" also thinks about the business by which the ticket of the elderly person help service is mediated.

The rate of making to aged will increase by a young generation's decreasing in the future. It is extremely important for the development of convenience store to make the aged a customer. As other try for insrtance, "Am-Pm Japan" started the delivery service of the commodity. The image of past convenience store is to change largely.

Convenience store's drawn in "Whisper of the Heart" being thought as follows will not be the far future that is thought yearningly as a typical shop of 1990's.

Tama-New Town (Atago-Nichome-Danchi)
In general, it is far from the station and traffic is inconvenient. The reason that here was a remote place-hill.

The scenery of "Danchi" a housing development composes the world of the movie "Whisper of the Heart" and is one of extremely important elements. Taking during necessarily not wide, room shared by sisters,...but it is a symbol in the highly developed economic growth age though it is a housing development not evaluated so much now. And, it was tracks of Japan after the war.

A housing development was constructed to cancel the housing shortage in postwar age. In 1955, Japan Housing Public Corporation (present House and Urban Development Public Corporation) was established and a housing development was planned here and there of the city outskirts. At that time, it was an age when anyway a large amount of house had to be supplied. Therefore, the residence area was only about 50 square meters and uniform designs by which externals of the building also had narrowly put up the matchbox. However, then newspaper is told that equipment by which they provides with the bath and the rubbish shoot in a stainless sink and the rest room of washing in clear water, etc. was a target of the yearning for then, young generation. The a housing development resident already reaches 1,000,000 persons in the whole country in 1958. A housing development was said, "Town of a young man and wife and the baby" and the elementary school in the district was serious vigor.

The region of a housing development which became the model of "Whisper of the Heart" belongs to the region which is called a Tama new town. A total area is maximum new town of about 3000 hectares in Japan. It extends over four municipalities (Tama, Inagi, Hachiohji and Machida). The development started in 1966, the first moving started in the SuwaNagayama district in 71, and moving led to the Tama new town together during year by 10,000 person scale afterwards.

Scenery of "Danchi"
a housing development, became model of movie. Walking from here to the station needs a serious labor.

Many of inhabitants of a housing development are local coming from and found employment in the city. A housing development played the role which exactly accommodated them though the population inflow from the provinces to the city became remarkable by the change in an industrial structure.

Coming from is in the father and Tsukishima Yasuya of Shizuku like Niigata. The newly-married couple of Tsukishima at that time might just have become the inhabitant of a housing development at the time of a development at one's best.

By the way, the tendency of provinces in the home is strongly shown to the last for the local coming from person as for the hometown. The city is only a mere present address. The homecoming rush's spent in the country not going out of use easily at Bon; Feast of Lanterns and the New Year eloquently tells the fact that the local hometown is in the home.

In the local hometown,the mountain and river and the country scenery are still left. They should be called our Japanese field scenery. Parents and the brother and the relative are waiting if returning there even if an old look is somewhat lost. And, we Japanese can meet the old friend and the teacher. I think the way though it is significant only after the field scenery is not only a scenery of the mere country for the Japanese and person and person's bonds in the region combine. Because we becomes as well as a free traveler if the person who should call at the birth hometown is gone.

Here, the scenery of a housing development can be taken the place of the country scenery and become a new field scenery? The second generation of a housing development might come to live in another place like Shizuku's old sister Shiho if growing up. At that time, does the second generation of a housing development come to have the attachment in a housing development where they born and grows up similarly to parent's holding nostalgia in the country?

Distant view of "Danchi"
a housing development with water supply tower.
As for a young generation which grows up in the apartment of a housing complex, it is likely to think this scenery my hometown.

It might be also certain that a considerable swinging goes out about recognition to past "Hometown" though. The homecoming rush described as the large race movement wants not to return to the hometown actually by the person in the city but is bound and is said to the ground edge, kin, and the obligation unavoidably that the element is large. The convention by the ground edge and kin still remains there though the persons who live in the hometown miss certainly. It might be difficult to have already returned there even if it is possible to go home to the age only twice for people who become accustomed to the city living and to live.

The country scenery will keep be "Hometown" as nostalgia. However, the city inhabitant who consists of the a housing development second generationshould find "Hometown" as bonds to the region where they lives now. Of course, the try by which they gropes for the community in a new region has already been continued. Hereafter, the real value will be asked. whether a city type community only of a housing development different from a current ground edge and kin settles. "Hometown" as bonds, that is, field sceneries might come to be found to a housing development even at the time if the remake business of the town which cannot be avoided in the future is got over from this community.

Seiseki-Sakuragaoka station
It is a stage of the movie. Not only the usual train but also the special express train stops an actual station.

The stage of "Whisper of the Heart" is the west Tama region in Tokyo. The scenery drawn by the movie that the scenery of around the station, convenience store, a housing development, back of alley, and house street, etc. is ordinary. As for it, I think everyone have the memory to see such a scenery once. It can be said that "Whisper of the Heart" is exactly a work which faithfully describes the stage to which we Japanese live.

The surrounding of Seiseki-Sakuragaoka which became the model of the movie was the throat Japanese syllabary country town in old times. It stood now a big building, queued up, and it developed as center ground in the district. The development might have completed the first stage by this though. Therefore, it is not thought that for the present, there will be a large-scale development project in the center part of the station.

The Sakuragaoka district drawn as a house street on the hill is a new residential quarter opened to the high growth period (1960's). A chiefly affluent people live there a lot. This region harmonizes with the old Kompira-guh well. The spectacle in this completed residential quarter will not change largely in the future.

The Kompira-Guh a kind of shrine, come out to movie
Signs of an old age remain in a new town. As for a young generation, the historical meaning is understood so much in general. However, this of the scenery of the town is accepted as a part.
I think that being largely change hereafter is a region of the station in the surrounding. Abundant rice fields extended to the Ichinomiya region which was called Suginomiya in the movie in the reclamation agricultural land from old times before. However, the whole is being developed now. If you stand on the hill and looks down the Ichinomiya region, you are able to see the scenery where it is being exactly readjusted there now.

The redevelopment is not advanced to the Sugimomiya station which is the station near the Ichinomiya(Seiseki-Sakuragaoka) station yet. The road intersected with the railway track and former age spectacle remains there. I wonder whether it is a redevelopment around the station here if the most drastic change will be accomplished in the future. Actually, the plan of the redevelopment progresses to such many of districts around the station. Therefore, they will sooner or later change into a new scenery there.

Anyway, we want to take the commemoration photograph when going to non-daily space like Disneyland. However, the photograph like putting on will usually be left against the background of the shopping street around the station. It might be certainly sober. However, you will feel missing very the photograph in the future.

Construction site in Tama-monorail
The scenery of the city has always changed.
Several years will not be waited and a further change take place.

I think that the scenery of a housing development will change largely in the future. In the movie, do the rent of the Shio elder sister of the apartment and self-support was started. Shizuku will go out of the house in the future, too. Of course, when the child grows up, parting from the parental roof is not unusual. However, the tendency is more remarkable in a housing development. Because a housing development is very narrow, it is impossible that the family with a different generation cohabits there. And, parents will remain as it is there and the age age.

It is forecast that making to aged will advance rapidly in a housing development in the future because of the person's making to aged and decrease in the child. The number of elementary schools has decreased from seven to four in the Suwa and Nagayama district in the Tama new town. The number of junior high schools decreases from three to two more than 1997 term, too. The loss of the alma mater might exert a serious influence on graduate's there hometown, old, and consideration.

And, the superannuation of the town is also advanced to a housing development. The building where the window frame rusted in the Tama new town and a concrete wall dropped had stood out. A housing development built in 1960's is narrow. There is no prospect even if it keeps repairing the building. Therefore, a housing development will be rebuilt all together.

Actually, the suwa district resolved rebuilding promotion of a housing development in May, 1996. A young generation moves if a housing development which is narrow and becomes superannuated is rebuilt. And, the bustle of the town can be regained. Additionally, a housing development is about to change from a mere residential quarter. The plan to attract an office and commercial facilities aggressively centering on the district around the station is advanced. The office will become a business compound city near the house there.

Movement to grope for new a housing development will not stop even if the scenery in the town even changes or the inhabitant scatters. Measures against making to aged and the work on the redevelopment become a common problems to the all town in either. A housing development was a symbol of the development. Similarly, a housing development will this time be highlighted again as a symbol of the redevelopment.

If we recall an old scenery even if our life custom changes, and if we recall the memory in youth even if we are spending busy every day, the scenery in 1990's drawn in "Whisper of the Heart" is to be recalled indefinitely vividly with our memories.
(Referred to the article related to convenience store of a Japanese Economic Newspaper, Nikkei-Circulation Newspaper, and Asahi Newspaper when these sentences were made).

now producing
This iron bridge is Keio line, and Seiseki-sakuragaoka station is in a left building group.
The interior is a hill. The model of the movie can be commanded.
Though it looks very small, Mt. Fuji is seen looks white at the center of the photo.

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