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Setting "Whisper of the Heart" is very detailed.
But, there are some parts not especially set.
Then, I thought about the hypothesis that supplements with the part
where they has not been set of "Whisper of the Heart" yet.
They are only hypothesis, but perhaps hey might suit the work world.

The job of the Seiji's father is uncertain. In "Whisper of the Heart", it is not especially set. However, the Seiji's father is a medical practitioner in Original comic. And, there were the following scenes in the movie that the teacher said "That Amasawa clinic is........" in the staff room. Therefore, it can be judged that Seiji's father is a medical practitioner.

Seiji spoke about Seiji 's father to Shizuku several times in his speech but he did not perform to the movie. Possibly, Seiji 's father might have appeared only once. However, Seiji 's father was the same as little existence.

Shizuku met on Seiji and the extending passage at lunchtime of the beginning of September. At this time, there was a man who had been walking with Seiji. There is a theory that he is Seiji 's father. The reason is that he was putting on slippers for the visitor.

Seiji's grandfather and Shizuku's father has very a very important role in the movie. On the other hand, Seiji's father has little role. What is this reason?

As for this reason, the following are enumerated that the creed of Seiji's father did not agree with the outlook on the world of "Whisper of the Heart".

Grounds to reach this conclusion can be presumed from the career of grandfather Nishi. Let's think about the career of garndfather Nishi.

(1)Nishi had gone to study to Germany before World War II.

(2)It is understood that he was a very excellent student. Additionally, his family belongs to an affluent class.

(3)Then social situation did not permit going abroad to study for the training of the craftsman.

(4)There were a lot of students went to study to Germany to learn the medicine before World War II. mniho

(5)Therefore, the hypothesis that the profession of Nishi was a doctor is approved.

The profession of Nishi was a doctor. Moreover, he was a doctor who had craftsman's knowledge. He is concentrating on the owner in the earth shop after he retired the doctor.

Incidentally, let's think about the Seiji's mother.

(1)Nishi is a grandfather of the mother's side of Seiji.

(2)That is, Seiji 's mother is daughter of Nishi.

(3)All families were opposed that Seiji go abroad of Italy to become a craftsman.

(4)That is, Seiji 's mother was opposed, too.

(5)However, Seiji 's mother is a daughter of Nishi.
She approved the participation of Seiji in the violin classroom in her parents' family.
Perhaps, she was showing understanding in work of workman.

(6)She wants to be likely to have assisted in Seiji in reality possibly.
But she is a standpoint of wife in the owner clinic. Therefore, she could do nothing but oppose becoming of the son to the workman.

The mother of Seiji wants to be likely to have assisted in her son in the mind. However, she could do nothing but oppose it on her standpoint.

If these hypotheses are correct, Seiji's father's standpoint also turns out.

(1)Seiji's father is a medical practitioner. He has a standpoint as the owner of "Amasawa clinic". Therefore, he was hoping that his son become a medical practitioner, too. (In general, the medical practitioner in Japan hopes for heredity.)

(2)However, he was wishing that his son become a medical practitioner who has a variegated ability.
He gets his daughter of Nishi from the bride.
Perhaps, he might have secretly respected Nishi (his father-in-law). Because Nishi made the medical practitioner and the workman united splendidly.
Therefore, he also was approving that his son make a violin in Nishi's earth shop.

(3)The reason for it is that he assumed the medical practitioner like Nishi to be an ideal.

(4)However, his son started to say that he wanted to become the craftsman of the principal occupation.
He was surprised very much to hear the hope of his son.

(5)However, he was not inconsiderate about craftsman.
He was opposite to "Live as a workman".

(6)In general, the craftsman of the principal occupation has a lot of hardships. Income is not guaranteed, too.
The reason why his father-in-law Nishi was able to become an owner in the earth shop is that Nishi built the property as a medical practitioner. He hope that his son must imitate the medical practitioner by Nishi and imitate uniting the crafteman.

(7)However, he comprehended it was not model "coexist".
His son's model was "one's hope is carried out".
His father-in-law becomes a coexisting doctor and his son is about to become the craftsman of the principal occupation.
In that sense, Seiji has already imitated the father-in-law Nishi.

He was persuaded to his son's zeal. After all, he admitted Seiji to go to Italy. However, the condition was applied to going abroad of Seiji to study. He might still have had regret. Still,He might have hoped Seiji succeeded his clinic.

By the way, the outlook on the world of "Whisper of the Heart" was following "one's feelings are obediently expressed." Here, father's feelings were refracted very much. The feelings do not suit the outlook on the world of "Whisper of the Heart". Therefore, the Seiji's father might not have had a so much sense of existence. Still more, there is no sense of existence further that Seiji's mother is not mysterious.

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