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We can observe several scenes by which Shizuku throws the tear in this movie several times. The first scene is when she was reading the story. Originally, she loved to read the story. Therefore, she has abundant receptivities and she is a girl absorbed to the world of the book at once. As for this movie, such a scene is performed. She was reading the fairy tale eating biscuit without doing the housework being allotted by her. She was floating the tear because she had been impressed too much by reading the fairy tale. However, the tear disappeared easily because suddenly her elder sister comes home and began to complain about Shizuku did not do her housework. After all, her tear thrown first did not have a wonderful meaning by her.

Next, it is time when showed Shizuku's tear by her suddenly received the confession of love from Mr.Sugimura by her in the Shinto shrine. Shizuku was taking part in the consultation of Yuuko's love problem. However, Shizuku might not have had the experience that she receive the confession of love at all. She was a hebetude by no awareness to Sugimura's possession of love by himself at all. The impact which she had received might have been considerable. When coming home, she shed the book of the fairy tale put on the desk, and she turned down the face on the desk and cried and said,"I am the most hebetude girl".
I think that this is a very symbolical scene. The reason is that Shizuku graduated from the girl of reading the story merely, and she was about to become the leading part of the real love story. She accomplishes mental growth further in the scene in the following rooftop thanks to this advance hint.

Shizuku's third tear is the time when she received the confession by Seiji in the rooftop at the school. The tear is different from the kind of tear when she is reading, and different from the kind of tear when she is bewildered what you should do is not understood,too. Under this situation, she considers the existence of opposite sex who likes her.
He said to her, "When I went to Italy, I sang the sobg and held out myself which Shizuku had made a song." Instinctively, she answered, "I also hold out". However, she does not have the target like he has. She knew his target on the previous state evening. Additionally, she learnt that he had the possession of goodwill in Shizuku since before. She has not noticed to it up to now. Though she and he ware reading the same book, he has the target and she does not have it. She wanted to encourage him who went to Italy. However, because he was holding out more than herself, she was not possible to encourage him. If she is not teased by the other students in her class, she has begun to weep in the place and does not learn. No, peehaps, she ran out because she does not show her tear to Seiji.

At this point, she and he were teased by the other students in her class gone up to the rooftop. Then, she ran after them shouting. However, I think that not she felt awkward and ran after them but she ran away to part from him. When she ran to the place where he was not able to see her, she floated a big tear. Perhaps, she noticed that she was jeered at by her good friend Kinu in her back. However, She must not show him her tear was more important for her than she feel awkward toward her friend Kinu, I think.

If following questions "Is the most excellent scene in this movie?" are done by me, I am not hesitatingly and will select this rooftop scene. She was not experiencing love. However, she had love in opposite sex by receiving his confession in the rooftop. She comprehended no possession of what her target and, she began to think what you had to be going to do hereafter. Perhaps, I think that here is a scene to which she grows up most.
The first half of the movie ends by this scene and the latter half that she is going to establish her identity starts. I think that the tear of Shizuku at the rooftop symbolizes the turning point of the movie first half and the latter half.

The last scene to which she threw the tear by the movie is a scene that after the grandfather Nishi read her story. Shizuku was about to catch up with Seiji. And, it is achieved the target to write the story which she imposed on herself. Here, her consideration returns to herself again. The ability which she has now is recognized and her possibility is found again. It can be said that her tear will express her determination which tries to make an effort further toward the target in the future.
Here is a very moving scene. By the way, the element which composes this scene has already been exhausted. Her tear has only the meaning to confirm the element only so to speak. However, everyone sympathizes with her tear because she is too obedient too much in innocence.

I wonder whether we forget the pure fact and whether we forget the importance of throwing the tear while we make puzzled to the bubble business and facing in the recession following bubble.
I am convinced that the tear which Shizuku showed to us is given a very important suggestion to us.

Sugimura favored Shizuku since before. He tried to have the bag taken off in Shizuku. After the examination, he said to her,"I was able to improve it very much". He tried to call her every time the chance was found. However, Shizuku was not interesting in excluding to read book. Because she has not been interested in love yet. Therefore, it was quite ineffectual though he attacked to her hard.

The representation of the confession to Yuko was being asked for to Sugimura by the friend of the club. The friend favored Yuko. But the friend of Sugimura was shy, then he had the confession to Yuko represented to Sugimura. However, Yuko favored Sugimura. The representation of the confession made her disappointed. Therefore, she has cried because she hears it. Sugimura was not able to understand why Yuko had cried. Then, he consulted Shizuku to it. The reason is Sugimura knew that Shizuku and Yuko are chums. Another reason is that Sugimura wanted to increase the chance to talk because Sugimura favored Shizuku. The consultation was done outside the school, the reason is to have wanted to speak only by them.

Sugimura was a quite hebetude. He was not imagined that Yuko had favored him. He did not know the method of dealing with the situation which he did not forecast that Yuko had favored him. Therefore, he was bewildered very much. And, love was confessed to Shizuku in unexpected shape though he did not hope either. Now, Shizuku was a quite hebetude as well as Sugimura. And, she has not experienced love up to now. The much more, it was beyond the limits of the imagination that love was confessed by Sugimura. Therefore, she was bewildered very much,when she heard his confess. And, his courting was rejected.

Sugimura had to research her character more. He might have been able to find a better method if he did so the method of confessing his love to her. Or, he might have been able to teach her that she can become the hero of love by her.

By the way, Seiji favored Shizuku since before, too. He did various actions to have awareness to Shizuku, For instance, he previously borrowed the book which she would borrow in the near future. The purpose is to write his name in the lending record in the book earlier than Shizuku. More, he sat on the seat next her on purpose at the library.

However, Shizuku did not notice to his action. Even an aggressive attack of Sugimura is not effective in Shizuku either. Therefore, it was impossible at all to acquire her. On the contrary, Seiji cannot even have noticed the existence of oneself by her. Fortunately, the chance that Seiji talks for the first time with Shizuku, He said, "A Concrete Road should be stopped" and made fun of her. The impression of the minus can have been given to him by her.

Seiji was a boy who was not able to have confidence far more passively than Sugimura. He likes Shizuku in the real intention. However, he made fun on purpose and disregarded her. His act might be a kind of the expression of love, too.... Seiji does an opposite character as Sugimura. When Shizuku had called at the "Chikyuh-Ya(the shop that Seiji's grandfather manages)", he saw her off riding on the bicycle. When they separated, Seiji was said to Shizuku, "The Concrete Road which you had written is also quite better". He thinks even such a word for him to put out and to have said the maximum courage. His word was an utmost confession at this point for him. The reason for he is that whether Shizuku has love for me is not understood still. As for his feelings, only the half ran to her. He succeeded that his minus image where she had him first manages must to be changed into the plus.

The scene in the rooftop, Seiji was careful, too. He was not able to be convinced of goodwill to him of Shizuku until she means the following word ,"I think that it is nice to go to the same high school with you....I dislike the low degree at my level. " He was able to say himself only after he confirmed it drawing love to Shizuku. He confesses virtual to Shizuku continuously. However, he did not say directly. He said as follows, "After I have gone to Italy, I'll sing your song and try my best." The word was a vague to the last expression.

However, their feelings run enough and are suitable in this word.

Will you think that it is surprising advancement that Shizuku not at all noticed even to such all-out Sugimura comprehends the expression of indirect so that the confession of virtual?

There was sarcastically for the background of her growth an action of Sugimura. The confession which Sugimura had done to Shizuku in the Shinto shrine gave the shake to Shizuku who are not interesting except the story. The confession also taught her to be able to do the love of the reality to her. She has grown up by one step by getting over this event. Shizuku might not have faced the Chikyuh-Ya shop on that day if this event did not exist. Further more, how if she does not grow up even if she goes to the earth shop? Perhaps, Shizuku might have only recognized, "Unpleasant fellow" Seiji, therefore, Seiji might not have had the done art for her either. Exactly, Sugimura tied to Seiji Shizuku.

Now, the morning of the scene in the rooftop of the day, Sugimura ran slap into Shizuku while going to school. This was the last chance that he might catch the mind of Shizuku. He talks to Shizuku who seems to be late, "Run faster". However, he has gone previously deserting her because Shizuku said, "You allowed to go previously". He had to accompany her. Afterwards, I want to show Sugimura the face of Shizuku which has halted. That is, he has in an own action and has gotten off the boyfriend candidate of Shizuku. And, he talked to Yuko disregarding Shizuku in the classroom. Because he had chosen Yuko after all though he might have had regret. At that time, the expression which Shizuku showed is looking very painful miserable.

However, Shizuku might have been settled in this. She has grown up by one step, too. Therefore, she faced the rooftop without shaking any longer even if Seiji appeared suddenly in the classroom by an indeed adequate judgment. And, she was able to touch Seiji in obedient feelings.

I want to apply the pet name "Great preparation person " to Sugimura. He was pitifully a supporting player to the last minute. However, let's be not confirm Seiji by Shizuku, feelings suitable, and exist if he is not.

Express gratitude to Seiji for Sugimura, and hopes to do happily as Yuko.

Shizuku visited teacher Kousaka to the health room during the summer vacation. And, she asked to have the library room key opened. When the summer vacation ended, she went to the health room with her chums and was eating the lunch then. Presume from the natural participation also of teacher Kousaka in their topics, they might be using the health room in the custom partly.

Perhaps, teacher Kousaka is not Shizuku's charge. However, the teacher is a health medicine and the manager in the library room. Therefore, Shizuku who loves reading takes to teacher Kousaka well.

Here, what might place be the health room for Shizuku?

The reason is that it is a place where teacher Kousaka who loves there. And, it is a place where she can readily spend lunchtime. By the way, the health room is not usually used except for injured and unpleasantly. In other wards, In Japan, the student to whom the nature that there is no whereabouts in the school is weak is supposed to use the health room. Does Shizuku really has such an element? No, she does not have such an element. However, the health room is important still existence for Shizuku (Perhaps, with the friend).

Let's think about Shizuku's character described by the movie. First of all, Shizuku does not basically rely on someone. There is no appearance which depends on someone the parent, the elder sister, and the teacher (even Kousaka teacher). She is becoming independent mentally completely. And, she is not making the crowd with the friend a custom.

Of course, Shizuku also has an intimate friend. And, it goes very well and she can go to the library by easily cutting off friend's invitation which going to produce face to chorus part after school. It is a meaning of the truth and relations can be called a good friend.

The friend who always crowds is not necessarily a chum. As a matter of fact, a thin relation is not actually unusual even if it is seemingly seen the friend. Such people dread to be excluded because the invitation is declined. Therefore, such people cannot have courage to decline the invitation. As a result, they acts always together. (Recently, a portable telephone of personal gains in popularity also in Japan. There are following theories that the person who dreads to be excluded by the reason that the report cannot be taken is occupying customer's many. )

Shizuku never flatters people and not sympathize with people either. For instance, when Shizuku going to school wearing the cardigan on the uniform, there were a little classmates who were wearing the cardigan in her class. However, she did not take off the cardigan. You might unexpectedly think of this. However, if all neither or the same thing is done, the Japanese becomes uneasy. However, Shizuku does not do such an extra anxiety.

And, the decision making of Shizuku is very early and lucid. When Shizuku faces the situation which cannot correspond for herself, she loses the judgment power though. (For instance, when she is confessed suddenly by Mr. Sugimura) But usual Shizuku decides extremely promptly. It is hardly hesitant.

As for these characters, a usual girl junior high school student is largely different. It is an element the individual and the principle. That is, she might not be a Japanese, too. The much more, Shizuku has an entirely opposite character is done as a shy student who is frequent to the health room. (For instance, the dependence core is high, impossible to insist on one's opinion, flattering, determination is slow and it is shy and is passive also.) I wonder why such Shizuku will like health room.

I think that the reason is that the health room is the place where her identity is confirmed for Shizuku. Shizuku and her chums are doing quite interesting association. Their characters never mutually look like, and they belong to a quite different club. In general, the group of the friend is made for the reasons of same club or same character. However, the difference of each other is esteemed and they are suitable though mutual characters are different. Therefore, association different from the relation only of the crowd of the person who looks like mutually is done. Mutual merits are extended, makes up for mutual faults.

However, such a relation is at least small number of people in Japan. The reason is that usual Japanese used to symphathize with around them. Shizuku is doing the character the individual and the principle in the much more. If Shizuku does not suppress her insistence to moderation, she is likely to be isolated in the class. To maintain the harmony of the class, she should show a minimum adaptation. That is, she is buried in the whole in case of being in such a class.

In the movie, the scene in a municipal library appears a lot. However, the scene in the school in the library room appears only once that is for uninhabited in summer vacation. The reason is that minimum adaptation is demanded as long as it is in the school even if in the library room.

Here, the health room caught as "The place which depends on something" is sarcastically changed into "The place where her identity is confirmed". As a scene where not the escaped scene but the independence which is honored is kept. It is an existence reason for the health room for her.

With the recognition, Shizuku and her chum expand the lunch in the health room, and sing "Country Road" written by Shizuku which the most independent in four. Then they impressed on lyrics "without fear of being alone, I'll go, preserving my strong self".
Do you think that profundity is included in this scene?

The Tsukishima family who lives in a housing deveropment and located in the middle reaches class looks like to an ordinary home in Japan. However, the family tradition is largely different from it at general home. For instance, when the result of Shizuku fell, the correspondence of the family was peculiar. Especially, extremely unusual correspondence was done in Japan.

Shizuku began to write the story from the desire which is that she wanted to test her ability. Her family was consenting might done something by Shizuku since early time. However, the family did not try to be scrutiny Shizuku's what being done. After a while, it is understood that the result of Shizuku dove. The elder sister who knew it raged very much. But her parents dared not to pursue why did the result fall and what does she do instead of studying. Shizuku was insisted on, "I want to test my ability within three weeks" and she insisted that it be in a sense more important than study. And, her parents decided to leaves her spirit of independence. The principle of taking the responsibility for herself is confirmed to Shizuku. The elder sister also showed understanding and assisted in Shizuku at the end. What on the whole one is the family tradition and the policy of education?

I think that its summarizes becomes following, It is not dreaded not to use a thing. And, knowledge is assumed to be a property. It always judges for oneself and acts. And, the custom is assumed to be a property. The parent voluntarily shows the model. And, trust is assumed to be a property.

Tsukishima family is not interesting to the consumption life. Of course, Tsukishima family is enclosed by home electric appliances product as well as a general home and has the television. However, they does not have consideration which is that it is necessary to use it. Tsukishima family does not aimlessly turn on the power supply of the television. They do not watch the television as long as there is no necessity.

A thing is used only at necessary time and it is seen easiness because. However, it is unexpectedly difficult. In a general home, the power supply is turned on to the television even if there is no program which wants to see especially. The reason is to think that an expensive television is disadvantageous if they does not use it. It is thought that the basis fee becomes useless if a portable telephone is not even forcibly used. To similar, will you think that the internet is the same charge it and is more profitable as long use even if there is no site which wants to see? However, Tsukishima family does not have the conception of losing if a thing is not used.

The reason is for them not to use the reason and nor to think that the disadvantageous one is not a thing and is to think their head it and knowledge the disadvantageous one they not used it. Perhaps they do not have a wonderful property. Instead, the property of knowledge is being accumulated in each head.

By the way, though they value knowledge, the parents seems not to be instructe their children in knowledge so much. I imagined, it is neither "Knowledge for study" it was nor "Studied custom" that they taught to children.

Of course, it is included to think for oneself, to judge for oneself, and to act for oneself in the custom. They had children apply the custom first studied before memorizing knowledge. And, the acquisition of knowledge was left to the customs of children. Parents do not interfere what their child does. This is to consist because it taught the child the importance of the custom.

And, parents are practicing their education policies by an own action instead of only a lip service. A usual parent says to their child, "Study ardently." and, there are a lot of parents who have the child commute to the cram school, too. However, the parents's interest is only watching the professional baseball game on TV. One of the education books is not read.

Parents of Tsukishima family do not say to the child, "Study ardently." and do not say, "Go to the cram school.". The parents does not interfere in their child and do only single-mindedly researching them. However, what the parent voluntarily studies is profitable so that their child may educate. The reason for their child is that the appearance which the parent is studying is imitated.

It is not dreaded not to use a thing, Knowledge is valued, valued to act by voluntarily thinking, valuded the custom of study, and the parents shows the sample what to study appearance . It can be said that these are ways of the family tradition of Tsukishima and the education policies.

Therefore, parents do not have what left to the independence of Shizuku because they abandoned the role as the parent. The parent might have needed the courage considerably for the judgment. The reason is that right or wrong of their education policies is asked.

The parents were very splendid. They were able to have the daughter studied compulsorily. However, they bet on daughter's independence to the last. They might not have been able to give such determination to their daughter judging by her thinking and having the ability to act. And, they might not have been able to give such determination to their daughter already has a custom of study. Parents had their education policies and trusted their daughter. And, the daughter Shizuku also answered the expectation of her parent at the end. No do be known whether the most important property of Tsukishima family is this parent and child's "Trust" either.

"Niigata-Kashiwazaki city is my father's old town. However, my home town has only Tama. By the way, what is the town in Tama?"

The town where Shizuku lived cut the Tama hill open and was made. Her town has neither a peculiar culture nor the tradition, it was artificially made. Her town is plane of the forest, buries the valley, and the development is advanced......
The only "Home town" for herself is too incomprehensible. It is too vague.

"I do not understand something well with "Home town". Therefore, I expressed honest my feelings about translating the lyrics."

How did Shizuku felt when she translates the "Country Road".

What one is "Home town" where I live?

Shizuku had never considered the town where she lived as her own "Home town". The town did not pass by there in the place only her living now.

In general, "Home town" associates the country scenery of the beautiful country. Also in the nursery rhyme of Japan, there is a song to yearn for the hometown missing by them. "Usagi oishi kano yama, kobuna tsurishi kano kawa..... (I would ran after the rabbit in the mountain, catch of a small carp in the river......)" The reason for it is that it is the one like a kind of field scenery with everyone if it is a Japanese. However, such the country scenery is not passed for Shizuku who knows only a Tokyo outskirts advanced by urbanization in the world of the image. She does not especially have the yearning to the country. Because, she canceled by the reason of having disliked accompanying the travel by which the relative who lived in Kashiwazaki which was father's hometown was visited with the elder sister.

However, it might be certain that the translation of "Country Road" became an opportunity when Shizuku begins to think about her "Home town". Though the scene does not exist because it was drawn especially clearly, the melody of "Country Road" which flows according to the progress of the story has progressed simultaneously with the process by which Shizuku finds "Home town".

Original English song of "Country Road" flows suddenly by opening about the movie. As for English lyrics and the combination of the bustle scenes in the city, I feel the sense of incompatibility a little. However, because Shizuku had not understood her "Home town" well yet, the back ground music of this scene might have been good like original English song. After, a finished degree of lyrics translated into Japanese went up as she understood her "Home town".

It was a summer vacation that "Country Road" which had been translated for the first time had come out. On the bench in the schoolyard, Shizuku and Yuko sang lyrics tentatively translated. A finished degree was low though it had been certainly devised. "Concrete road" sung at the same time by them in the place is seemingly seen like the satire. But, the fact shows that she did not recognize the reality that she just live there now. She felt the fact as if the stranger thing.

The following scene was a health room at September. Meanwhile, Shizuku found the "Chikyuh-ya", the earth shop and met grandfather Nishi. I think that there was an influence in that her for her to recognize "Home town" and that that was useful for improving a finished degree of the translation of Country road.

"Home town" is not a mere scenery. There needs to be a person whom you know in the town. There needs to be a person who knows you in the town. Otherwise, you cannot feel that your "Home town". Here, meeting in places other than the home and the school, that is, finding of "Chikyuh-ya", the earth shop and meeting with grandfather Nishi were dramatic events which exactly led to "Home town" finding for Shizuku.

As for Grandfather Nishi does not show the sales smile, but devoted service soul is vigorous. He takes part in any consultation of Shizuku. And, he assists in Shizuku gently and powerfully indifferently explaining this furnace of the workman. (it is idealized too much...) I think, grandfather Nishi was "Adult who understands her well" perhaps which meets for the first time in the town for Shizuku where nobody knows only at the family and the school.

Shizuku shouts descending the stairs which lead to the library.
"I have found a wonderful place."
The cat runs after, pass the library and pull out, thrill by which door is got over, rapid acclivity, town on hill seen for the first time, rotary, "Chikyuh-ya" the earth shop, grandfather Nishi, the stairs looks down at library, etc.... As for her expression which seemed to be glad, pleasure that her sphere of the action extends to the town was largely expressed. Wondering whether the pleasure was reflected, the translation of "Country Road" was refined more.

The following scene is an improvisation concert in that famous earth shop. It is significant to it not is and nor the singing in the town at the school. By the way, this scene depends for many by chance though. Therefore, this scene does not have an aggressive meaning. However, after this scene, Country road became a song for Shizuku and Seiji though this song was originally translated for the event of the school.

The following are scenes which Seiji confesses to Shizuku in fact in the rooftop. In this scene, the song was not sung. However, this scene contains more important meaning than it sings in a sense. An average town in Tama of just the end of rain has extended to two persons' presences. Seiji was said to Shizuku being possible to shine seeing the scenery of their town.
"I shall sing your song and hold out when going to Italy."
The song is "Country Road" which Shizuk exactly translated. Seiji wanted to sing the song thinking of their "Home town" and wanted to sing the song thinking of Shizuku, too. How many times this song was sung by seiji in Italy?

And, the last scene. "Country Road" was performed as if it is enclosing completely Shizuku and Seiji who look down at town encompassed by morning haze.
It was a beautiful scenery. Even this scenery was suitable for consciousness when it was their "Home town". Shizuku thought that she hold out and live here seeing this scenery.
Memories of Shizuku are piled in the town. And the base of her life is made there. There is a town where her parents live, where friend lives, where grandfather Nishi lives, and, where the same time at present is spent with her boyfriend Seiji.......

When she felt them, the scenery which extended under her eyes became true "Home town".

We Japanese feel real the scenery of present age Japan drawn by "Whisper of the Heart". Scenery which we saw somewhere, bustle of town, appearance of home where life feeling is filled, etc. However, the age keeps changing without the rest. Therefore, it is forecast that many of these riality promptly changes into nostalgia. The present age is said while this change that highly developed informationization revolutionis progressing. Hereafter, we will experience a drastic change in 10 years. The change might be much larger than the change which has been experienced in 10 years in the past.

The generation of Shizuku will experience the highly developed informationization revolution. Therefore, they become the end generations of the learning of a conventional life custom. A lot of customs being lost now are described in the stage of the life of Shizuku. Then, "Whisper of the Heart" will be evaluated as a work which spotlights Japan immediately before the highly developed informationization revolution is represented the 1990's in the future. It can be understood that it is similar to "My neighbor Totoro" by which the farm village immediately before highly developed economic growth (1060's) is described.
Let's see some customs which will not be seen in the future as follows.

(1).The last generation in which books card is used.
The lending system at the library was almost made a bar code now. The generation which will enter the school child age hereafter does not have the chance to have already used the lending card. Then, Shizuku became the last generation to rent the book by using the lending card. This system cannot know the name of the person who rent the book earlier than one rent it. That is, Shizuku cannot find the name of Amasawa Seiji if Shizuku is five years old younger. Additionally, it is not possible to inform that books were rent earlier than girls to whom Seiji is paying attention by leaving the name if Seiji is five years old younger, too. That is, meeting such as Shizuku and Seiji will have permanently become impossible in the future.

(2).The last generation to which story is written by hand.
The word processor has already been introduced into Tsukishima family. All members can master it excluding Shizuku. Shizuku will also write the story by either using the word processor. But, at any rate, Shizuku might be the last generation by which the education which uses the word processor is not received. Generation below from Shizuku are familiar with the keyboard since young. The custom of writing by compose long using the word processor might acquire them from the beginning.

(3).The last generation unnecessary one is not carried about.
Shizuku was free-handed when she goes out. She was able to walk in coolness without having anything in the town. It is likely to be thought of this naturally. However, the custom with something without fail infiltrates in present Japan when going out. If one does not have anything, they become uneasy.
A pocket beeper and a portable telephone have gained in popularity recently. As for these, they does not understand whether the business used when is generated. Therefore, whenever the person goes out, they will carry. The person cannot go out only for this custom even to extend without having anything.

(4).The last generation by which distance feels in communications.
Mysteriously, there was no scene which Shizuku and Seiji called in "Whisper of the Heart". They met always directly communications. It is usual to tell Shizuku an accurate date where Seiji goes to Italy with the telephone. However, Seiji went to the library to meet Shizuku, and told it directly to her instead of confirmed that Seiji had Shizuku in the library. Therefore, an international telephone did not hang from Italy to the house of Shizuku. They did not take all reports for two months. And, they held out in each place. It was possible to endure even if not calling because they had had feelings of the understanding of each other and suitable.
I think that the most much ruining now is this kind of diredt communications. Anyway, the internet is an age all over the world which gains in popularity at the present age. If the internet is used, communications are possible do not consider an actual distance. And, people will use it naturally. It will be thought that it is extremely primitive not to do communications as many as two months like the way of Seiji and Shizuku.
However, it is thought that it is wonderful to be able to trust mutual love even if communications are not done. I think that it is an antithesis to the present age when communications can be done always easily. Communications can be easily done at the present age. However, if communications cannot be done oppositely, one becomes uneasy. One tries always to take communications because it is not popular among mutual bonds. And, one is relieved.

Though it is paradoxical, mutual trust such as Seiji and Shizuku is valuable. They did not take physical communications. However, they were fulfilled only by mental communications even if they do not talk for two months. They did not depend on indirect communications like the telephone. They valued immediate communications. Therefore, mutual trust was able to be constructed even with association for a short term.

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