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Basic data@21 Dec. 1996

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Main Characters
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Basic data

Original Story:Hiraagi Aoi
Girl's comic "Ribbon "
(published by Shuueisha)
Serialization from August to November,1989

Director:Kondoh Yoshifumi
Scenario:Storyboard Miyazaki Hayao
Producer:Suzuki Toshio
Executive production:Tokuma Yasuyoshi
Music:Nomi Yuuji

Theme song:"Country Road"
Original Title:"Take Me Home,Country Roads"
Lyrics and Composition:Bill Danoff,
Taffy Nivert and John Denver
Japanese Translation:Suzuki Mamiko
Supplemental Lyrics:Miyazaki Hayao
Arrangement:Nomi Yuuji
Singer:Honna Youko

Voice Actors
Shizuku:Honna Yohko
Seiji:Takahashi Issei
Shizuku's Father:Tachibana Takashi
Shizuku's Mother:Muroi Shigeru
Shizuku's Elder sister:Yamashita Yorie
Baron:Tsuyuguchi Shigeru
"Chikyuh-ya"the Earth shop owner:
Kobayashi Keiki
Kosaka teacher:Takayama Minami
Harada Yuko:Kayama Maiko
Sugimura:Nakajima Yoshimi

Tokuma Shoten, NTV broadcasting network
Hakuhoudoh, and Studio Ghibli

Opening to the public:July 15, 1995
Screening time:111 minutes
Distribution income:1,800,000,000 yen
(about 1,630,000 dollars)

Outline of the Story

Shizuku is junior high-school student who lives in a housing development in suburbs in Tokyo. She is passing to the library well though is an examinee.

Shizuku finds the name written on the lending card of the book on a certain day. The name is "Amasawa Seiji". He was previously reading all books which Shizuku had borrowed.

"Amasawa Seiji......What kind of boy he is. Might he be a wonderful boy? "

Shizuku went to the school during the summer vacation to meet Yuuko. As for Shizuku to have the library room ask teacher Kusaka and opened, the book there also finds "Amasawa" sign. As for Shizuku, this was anxious very much. Shizumu showed Yuko the translation of incomplete "Country Road",and they rose by the substitution song of "Concrete Road". Then, "Amasawa" has been forgotten in "Unpleasant fellow" which appears suddenly while Shizuku's"Concrete Road" being made fun.

Well, Shizuku goes out to report father's lunch on such a day which is. Shizuku meets the cat by chance in the train on the way of that. When the cat is run after, it is the "Chikyuh-ya" earth shop gutter on the hill. The shop is managed by the grandfather named Nishi. Then, Shizuku by which time has been spent hurries to the library panicking. However, Shizuku forgets the lunch in the earth shop. It was "Unpleasant fellow" to have reported the lunch by which Shizuku had been bantered yesterday.

As for Shizuku, the lending card of the book at the library also found the name of " Amasawa Seiji". She regarded what kind of person again "Amasawa" was. The face of "Unpleasant fellow" a little while ago was associated at that time, but she denied the association panicking.

Shizuku was anxious abour "Amasawa" by all means and she visited the teacher in the staff room. And, she questioned on "Amasawa". However, Shizuku dashes out from the staff room panicking because it seems to understand the mystery unexpected and early any longer. Shizuku was not able to prepare knowing all still.

It passes each other with "Unpleasant fellow" on the passage immediately after that. After all, a boy who had completely disregarded Shizuku though only that bantered me was "Unpleasant fellow".

However,soon it is understood that "Amasawa Seiji" will be "Unpleasant fellow" exactly. Shizuku thought "Amasawa" a gentle and quiet boy. Therefore, it was shock very that "Unpleasant fellow" was "Amasawa" for her. However, Shizuku knows that Amasawa Seiji has already had the target of the life and makes an effort toward it. The image "Unpleasant fellow" where Shizuku had him went out gradually.

Shizuku was suddenly called in Seiji at lunchtime of the following day. She was avoided classmate's eyes and went up to the rooftop. Seiji told her that the regulations of his going to Italy to study. Shizuku feels haste. Because Seiji advances previously fast toward the target though she does not have the target. Therefore, even if love was indirectly confessed from Seiji, Shizuku was not able to be obediently pleased.

Shizuku goes to consult the house of Yuko at the night. She thought to test her ability because Seiji goes to Italy to confirm my ability And, she determines that the story is written.

By the way, it was not easy for Shizuku to write the story. She decided to finish up the story by the time Seiji returned to Japan. She had only a little time. Because the result of the school fell, she is questioned about it by her family. However, she kept writing the story because she had had the family understand.

Shizuku visits the earth shop late on the afternoon in late autumn. The purpose is to have the grandfather Nishi read her story first. If the story was not had to be read at once, Shizuku cannot have been uneasily helped. Therefore, she was waiting until grandfather Nishi was finishing to read it. Several houes later, the grandfather Nishi said to Shizuku, "Your story was very wonderful". Shizuku shouted instinctively hearing it.
"Please say your honest impression. I think that this story can be a cruel doing."

The grandfather said quiet and gently. Certainly, the story might have been still incomplete. However, the grandfather found the prospect with which the possibility of Shizuku was filled to the story.
"I had your possibility in your story. You held out very much. You are wonderful."
Shizuku began to cry with big tears.

Shizuku awoke early next morning. When she casually opened the window, Seiji waited under the window. Seiji quickened the schedule and returned to Japan. Shizuku to be surprised went out of the house panicking. Seiji took Sgizuku on the height as it is.

Because Seiji had wanted to show the morning sun to Shizuku. And, Seiji proposes in a serious expression to Shizuku.
"It can't be right away, but will you marry me?"
"I shall become a independence violin craftsman. And after that..."
"I'm very happy! I thought that it would be nice if things could turn out this way, too."

Seiji embraced Shizuku closely with might and main.

"Shizuku, I love you!!"

"If you listen carefully, you will hear a Whisper of the Heart"

Main Characters

Shizuku Tsukisima

Seiji Amasawa

Yuko Harada

Shiro Nishi




(Drawn by Miss. Taiki)

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