Nausicaa.net: The Unofficial Miyazaki web
The ultimate website devoted to Hayao Miyazaki and the Ghibli animation studio. It seems that this web page has the most information about Ghibli works in English.
yin-chan's "MERRIMENT"
She is studying Design at the university in Australia. She draws a very wonderful illustration and fanart. :)
"Princess Mononoke" Sampsa Virtanen's "Princess Mononoke"
There are some contents about "Princess Mononoke". Story,Characters, song, articles and faq.
"Miyazaki's Animation World" YOSHIOKA's "Miyazaki's Animation World"
This web page presents about story and characters of "Princess Mononoke". French Version is here.
"Whisper of the Heart" Greg Kaufman's "Whisper of the Heart"
Lots of mimi-illustrations are registrated to the page.
"Tonari no Website" Tyler King's "Tonari no Website"
A "Tonari no Website", The illustration of Totoro is very lovely.
Youming's home page Akira = Youming's home page
It's got a lot of link to Anime page.
Michael Brandt's web page Michael Brandt's web page
It's Anime Corner! Magic Knight Rayearth Corner,(Coming Soon: Ghost In the Shell Corner and Tenchi Muyo Corner.)
T.hoya's web page T.hoya's "web page"
Current Research,Papers,Curriculum Vitae,A Piano-Player and Composer,Analysis on Music,etc.

Disappeaed Web sites that have been put here.

Lurch's web page
Pictures of Porco Rosso & Totoro etc. "Whisper of the Heart" are wonderful. :)
Stefan "Masato" Heinze's web page
Anime-Web-Sites are best found with [MAML] (-_^)
Masaki OKADA's web page "Japan as it is"
This web page introduces present Japan in detail. Life, society, art, music, entertainment, sports, food, map, etc.
Aaron Maupin's web page
Join the Fight for Free Speech Online, SOS Flyer, Offline SOS Petition, etc.