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Outline of "Inu-Yasha" 1999/09/14

Main Characters 1999/09/14

Correlation Chart 1999/09/14

Outline of "Inu-Yasha"

"Inu-Yasha" is a latest comics by Takahashi Rumiko which has been serialized in the Shonen-Sunday Comics since the autumn of 1996.

The hero of the story is Inu-Yasha who is the mixed blood of the hobgoblin with human being. He had been sealed by Kikyo, a shrine maiden, for 50 years.

The heroine of this story is Kagome. She 15 years old, a girl of the 20th century.Her lineage is a Shinto shrine. One day, she slips time through the well in the garden of her house in the Civil Wars Age in Japan.

Kagome meets Inu-Yasha by the the Age of Civil Wars. She had the gem of Shikon. The gem reinforces the power of the hobgoblin. Therefore, a lot of hobgoblins are about to obtain the gem of Shikon. Inu-Yasha also aims at it. However, the gem of Shikon is frittered and has scattered. They try to look for the splinter. Later, Shippo, Miroku, and Sango join them.

Their common enemies are Naraku. He manipulates another hobgoblin and attacks them. His purpose is to obtain the gem of polluted Shikon. The more becomes dirty, the more it reinforces the power of the hobgoblin for Naraku.

Inu-Yasha can become a perfect hobgoblin by obtaining the gem of Shikon, But he can become perfect man when use it, too. The gem of Shikon can use that both goodness and bad thing.

Then, who will be able to get the gem of Shikon?

Main Characters

He is a hero of this story. His father is a hobgoblin of dog, and his mother is human being. So his body is half-hobgoblin and half-human being.

She is 15 years old, a junior high school student of the 20th century. She has a kind of inspiration, and tries to look for the splinter of the gem of Shikon with Inu-Yasha in the Age of Civil Wars(16C).

She is a beautiful shrine maiden. She had the duty to protecte the gem of Shikon against hobgoblins and men. Because she has fallen in love with Inu-Yasha, her inspiration has become weak. Finally, she is cheated and kill Inu-Yasha, and she also died on the same day.

She is a younger sister of Kikyo. She is also a shrine maiden. When her elder sister died, Kaede was still a little girl. She aged because 50 years later. Kagome met old woman's Kaede.

He is a half brother of Inu-Yasha. His mother is a hobgoblin. So he is a perfect hobgoblin, too. He is despising Inu-Yasha who is hobgoblin and man's mixed bloods.

He is fox's hobgoblin. His father was killed by another hobgoblin. He tries also to obtain the gem of Shikon. He came to behave together with Inu-Yasha and Kagome.

He is normal man, not a hobgoblin, but he has a special ability. He can inhale a lot of hobgoblins by using his right hand. The ability is the one succeeded from his Grandfather. However, the ability is the cursed one. It is said that his right hand will inhale himself in the future. He also is behaving with Inu-Yasha, Kagome, and Shippo.

She is a cute gial. The job of her lineage is extermination of the hobgoblin. She lost her younger brother and father by the strategy of Naraku when she tries to root out the hobgoblin with her family. She becomes solitary, and joins Inu-Yasha, Kagome, Shippo, and Miroku.

He is younger brother of Sango. When he was about to root out the hobgoblin, he is manipulated by Naraku. He kills his family one after another. Finally, he was killed.

He is a set of the hobgoblin. He was born by the accumulation of a lot of hobgoblins and uniting. He is a villainy hobgoblin in this story. He tries to manipulate other hobgoblins and men and achieve his ambition.

(Drawn by Miss. Taiki)

Correlation Chart

Inu-Yasha, Kagome, Shippo, and MIroku are core of this story. They try to collect splinters of the gem of Shikon jointly. After, Sango also joined them.

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