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About the civil wars age where Kagome moved.1997/05/12

Circumstances about girl student in Japan of present age.1997/05/12

About the civil wars age where Kagome moved.

Kagome moved from the well in her house in the civil wars age. The civil wars age of Japan continued from middle to the 16th end of the century of the 15th century. The Muromachi Shogunate which ruled Japan fell and a civil wars large name held one's own ground in the whole country. And, a large name fought mutually aiming at re-union of Japan.

Because past order had been destroyed in this age, the trend of the age named "Gekokujou"(It is that an able vassal defeats his master.) was invented. Still more, it was possible to succeed even coming from of a poor farmer the person who was competent. Toyotomi Hideyoshi which united Japan back was farmer's coming from.

The age where Kagome moved is like before "Oda Nobunaga"*'s gaining power. The reason is that Kagome meets the boy named "Nobunaga". Though it was clarified later that he was not "Oda Nobunaga" but another house's "Nobunaga". But, they were in the same age.

Therefore, I think that the age where Kagome moved was about 1550.

*Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582)
He is coming from of present Aichi district in Japan. He was an extremely unique, powerful civil wars general.
He broke Imagawa Yshimoto by the fight of Okehazama in 1567, and, he has succeeded largely because of this victory. He won and won by fights of various places, the Buddhism buddhist temple repulsed to him was destroyed, and power was saved. At last, he destroyed the Muromachi Shogunate which had continued only the form in 1573.
He had the ability to unite Japan. However, he of united was on the way murdered by the subordinate.

Circumstances about girl student in Japan of present age.

In general, the student in the junior high school and the high school wears the uniform in Japan. Kagome wears the sailor blouse which is the uniform of her school, too. And, she moves to the Japan's civil wars age with the sailor blouse put on.

The fashion of present age Japan is largely reflected in the school uniform appearance of Kagome. The most remarkable characteristic is a miniskirt and a super-loose socks.

The skirt height of the sailor blouse was long before. It was a knee subordinate position in 1980's. Actually, the skirt height of the sailor blouse which Lum (Urusei-Yatsura) put on is longer than that of Kagome.

Kagome's skirt of school uniform is almost similar to that of the tennis wear. However, this is not an exaggeration in Manga at all. Actually, the skirt height of the girl high school student in Japan shortens very much.

This phenomenon occurs at the same time as changing socks which they are sweeping. Loose socks became popular among the girl students in Japan at the beginning of 1990's. It means that it is on purpose sloppy and the foil of socks. It was regarded that the wrinkle of socks expressed their fashion senses. That is, more the wrinkle of socks was, the better.

The loose socks have evolved afterwards. A very long size socks were put on the market. It existed only to almost make the wrinkle. The miniskirt was able to fit loose socks well. Therefore, their skirt height shortened dramatically.

Afterwards, rubber in loose socks came to be pulled out. It does not fit the foot so much because the size of socks is the state as it is. The socks came to wave in one's feet in the wind. This is the one which is called a super-loose socks. Kagome's socks is also super-loose type.

By the way, an at first short skirt and loose socks demonstrated their individuality. The uniform of the school is a symbol of the uniform one. It does not express individuality. Because they wanted to have demonstrated individuality even a little, skirt and socks were arranged. However, because this fashion extended nationally, it is already lost even though individuality. It only invented new uniformity.

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