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Here is a question and answer corner related about "Howl's Moving Castle".
Excuse: These English sentences are temporary translations, not read easily still very much. I want to revision them neatly some day. Thanks.


What one is the original of the Howl?   2003/06/01

About the film

Where is and how is there "Foolishness" though the Madam Suliman teacher said, "Foolish war" this war?  2004/12/01


Do though Howl information seems to be obtained when the Yomiuri Shimbun is taken?  2004/05/21

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Where is and how is there "Foolishness" though the Madam Suliman teacher said, "Foolish war" this war? It is not when it is possible to touch in the work especially about "It is foolish" cause. It comes not to understand otherwise though it is another if there is a comment in the picture continuity or the supervisor talks at the chance of something. However, the hypothesis "Is not it such the one?" can be shown by making the idea come round.

First of all, because this war says, "It is foolish", it is understood that something is different from a current war. For instance, not understanding well might be a story in this war objectives that can be though the purpose was clear to a current war. However, war objectives seem to be and it be still in war "War that doesn't understand well" that doesn't understand ..becoming.. because it says, "Foolish" because it is sure to become it other elements.

The recruit machine might be able to have appeared by the advance in technology and to exist. Even if it relies on the power of practicing magic and he wins, the king says that he will not think. This word suggests the appearance of the recruit machine that ends even if it doesn't rely on magic. There is a serif "New battleship" about the battleship. Because it is clear to compare this with the battleship of the old model, the battleship that runs on the sea seems not to be a recruit machine. Still, it seems that thinking that the recruit machine is a flight battleship that flies over the sky is natural. Though there was a scene to which enemy's flight battleship drops leaflets when the battleship of the sea becomes Bocoboco and it comes back, there was still room in the action. pointed at the flight battleship by peoplePeople are the translations do not know still well if it says oppositely whether the flight battleship is a how much frightening arms. Thinking the recruit machine the flight battleship, and beginning the real use from this war from this description might be an appropriate point.

In general, when the recruit machine appears, the one with new strategy is adopted. The usage of the flight battleship was an air raid to the city. If it was a battlefield, holding the air raid for a long time, that is, city also : though it is the one the disposition of the blank shot to the city or the maintenance of the air-raid shelter. The city was complete defenseless as long as the description in the movie was seen. Therefore, it is thought that a large-scale, promiscuous air raid to the city became full-scale from at least this war. The war was the one that combatant fought mutually in the arena of warfare, and harm did not extend it directly to the non-combat zone and the noncombatant from old times. A new strategy of air raid to the flight battleship and the city that is the recruit machine militarily makes the city in which it is defenceless a battlefield, and the citizens who are not combatant either have rolled it in the combat. The caused damage might be the one far exceeding a current war as a result. The war from which the extensive damage occurs so that it is not possible to disregard it for the nation will have to be said, "Foolish war" exactly.

Let's think from the wizard another and the Madam Suliman teacher. Only the power of magic was able to prevent the bomb from dropping in the royal palace, and it is not stopped to crash to the urban area yet. It might have been obstructed even to drop the bomb if the power of magic was strong enough. The power of the science is very superior in this war though the age in the setting when magic existed together to the science. It might be not so interesting that the science becomes dominant because the source of Madam Suliman teacher's power is in the power of magic. Therefore, it might have been thought that this war was made "Foolish war", and it was going to end early starting with the excuse of something.

Do though Howl information seems to be obtained when the Yomiuri Shimbun is taken?
A lot of information on 2004 related to Ghibli has been published in "Special" corner of the evening newspaper in the Yomiuri Shimbun every Friday since January. Cutting the title letter and in the text "Challenge of Ghibli" is producer Suzuki's autograph, and has power also in the content of the article.

Moreover, 'Yomiuri home version Yomy' is delivered every month when subscribing to the Yomiuri Shimbun. It is being written, "The Yomiuri Shimbun assists in the Studio Ghibli, and cooperates in 'Castle where Howl moves' specially" in the cover of Yomy. The illustration related to the Howl is published in the cover-page illustration, and it is a check necessary.

For instance, the image picture as in the 'Yomy' cover of the April 2004 issue, (right of the photograph), there are "Hattar hat shop" in which hero Sophie was born and a hat shop it is published. As for this, the explanation "The “Howl's Moving Castle" images a mysterious stage where magic and the science that a futuristic painter in Europe Kon imagined in the 19th end of the century exist together, and such atmosphere is felt as for this picture" is applied.

It might be also good that the person who wants to subscribe to some newspapers adds the Yomiuri Shimbun to choices. (^o^)
What one is the original of the Howl?
The original is 'Wizard Howl and satan of the fire' of the juvenile literature of Britain, and the author is Diana Wynne Joneses. The hero is girl Sophie of 18 years and:Eldest daughter of three person sisters. The curse is put by the witch and Sophie is transformed by the old woman of 90 years one day. Sophie traces to Howl's castle while going out of the house so as not to surprise the family, and walking and attaches. Howl is a wizard who lives in the castle that floats on the sky, and has a rumor of charming a young woman not good. However, Sophie says, "I today am safe because it is not young" and is a story that it arrives at Howl's castle, and it will work as a housekeeper.

Some points of the translation including volume 2'..strike.. Juutan of Abdal and At' ..Jones.. a lot of also in Japan the fan have come out.

'Wizard Howl and satan of the fire' Tokuma Shoten of the Diana Wynne Jones (Coyac of Nishimura) is 1997   ISBN 4-19-860709-5.
The book can become purchase on the following sites.
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