Reports of Howl's P.R. event and Film Preview

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A virtual event of the Howl was held in Nippon Television Network Corporation before the theater disclosing of the gHowl's Moving Castle" on November 3, 2004, at the Shiodome district inTokyo. It was planned for P.R. of "Howl". The biggest hall of Nippon Television Network Corporation was remodeled as if the Howl's house for the event. Spectators can enter free of charge in there.
The Producer Toshio Suzuki and Ryunosuke Kamiki, voice acts as Markl, attended the opening of the event. The scene ribbon cutting by them carried live in the television. It is said that an advertising policy of "Howl" is "not to advertise". Therefore, this P.R. event is one of the valuable advertisements.

Nippon Television Tower
(taking a picture: November 03, 2004)

Nippon Television Network Plaza

TV Camera for live broadcasting

Producer Toshio Suzuki's speech

Ribbon cutting moment

After ribbon cutting moment

Ryunosuke Kamiki has compromised
to young women.

He shook hands politely to them.
Women have shouted with joy.
None of coverage staff noticed it.

At last, the coverage staff noticed it.

Taking a picture scenery

Procession of entrance waiting.

The film preview event of "Howl" was held in full scale on November 3, 2004. The first sponsor of "Howl" is House Food Co. Ltd.. House held the event in all prefectures in Japan. Lots of spectators appreciated it. The main clientele in House is a family who has the little child, thus there were a lot of families with a small child as for the preview event.

One of preview halls(Tsurumi hall)
(taking a picture: November 03, 2004)

Signboard of preview

The first floor lobby. The entrance is on the third floor.

The procession reached the parking lot in outdoor.

Leaving scenery after it screened

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