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Basic Data 2004/05/22

Main Characters 2005/05/31

Synopsis 2004/11/28

(illustrated by Miss Nenz)

Basic Data

Main Staff

Based on the novel
Diana Wynne Jones
Scenario and supervisor
Hayao Miyazaki
Supervising Animators
Akihiko Yamashita, Takeshi Inamura, and Kitaro Kosaka
Art Directors
Yohzi Takeshige and Noboru Yoshida
Digital Animation Director
Mitsunori Kata'ama
Image production
Takashi Okui
Color Designer
Michiyo Yasuda
Audio Director
Takeshi Seyama
Jo Hisaishi
Theme Song Sekai no Yakusoku (The Promise of the World)

Music: Yumi Kimura
Lyrics: Shuntaro Tanigawa
Arrangement: Joe Hisaishi

Performance: Chieko Baisho
Toshio Suzuki
Studio Ghibli

Released by TOHO

Voice Actor

Sophie Chieko Baisho
Howl Takuya Kimura

Witch of the Waste
Akihiro Miwa
Ryunosuke Kamiki
Tatsuya Gashuin
Kabu of Cacashi
Yo Oizumi
Madam Suliman
Haruko Kato
Daijiro Harada

Released in Japan: November 20, 2004

Main Characters
(illustrated by Mrs. Kotosuke, left row, and Miss Makoto, right row)
He is a wizard who has strong power, assumed about 27 years old. He had trained under the Madam Suliman before, but he is freely alive with run away from the Madam Suliman now. He has another name such as the Pendragons and Jenkins, the reason is that it is necessary so that he may live freely.
He has approached the Witch of the Waste out of curiosity before. he noticed the fear of her and ran away after all. Hhowever, she keeps pursuing him since then. Sophie changed by the appearance of 90 years old moved in his dwelling, insistsed that she is a cleaning woman. He accepted her, and started living together.

Voice Actor: Takuya Kimura
He is one of the most famous actors in Japan, born in 1972. He is a member of "SMAP" that is the man idol group. Lots of young women are enthusing about him. He married the highest actress, and made 2 children now.
She is 18 years old, an owner in the hat shop that had succeeded from dying father. She is neat, clean, and a beautiful woman, but she is convinced that she is not a beautiful woman.
One day, she was helped from the serviceman's courting by Howl. And, she has fallen in love with the Howl. The Witch of the Waste pursued the Howl, and accused the Sophie that met the Howl. She has been made the old woman of 90 years by the Witch of the Waste. She left from the shop, and went to the castle where the Howl lived. Then, she began to work as a cleaning woman.

Voice Actor: Chieko Baisho
She is well-known actress, born in 1941. She is coming from of the music dance school and the opera group, she debuted the movie in 1963. Afterwards, she is performing to a lot of movies.
Witch of the Waste
She is a wizard who lives in the wasteland. She was a wizard who served the royal family before. but she had banished from the royal family 50 years ago. The magic that she practices is very old-fashioned, however, her magic is very strong. She is witching herself. as a result, she looks younger than an actual old age.
She had met Howl before, ans he keeps pursuing the Howl. Because she wants to be obtaining the Howl's heart.

Voice Actor: Akihiro Miwa
He is one of the actors who have the highest ability in Japan, born in 1935. He debuted as a professional singer at the age of 17. It is said that he is singer-songwriter's originator in Japan. And, he performed the Voice Actor as Moro in "Princess Mononoke", 1997.
Markl, about 5 years old, is an apprentice of the Howl. He doesn't have the relative, so lives in the castle of the Howl. And he is training magic there.
He has already acquired a magic transformed to elderly person's appearance. He is receiving it by practicing his magic that I acquired of the visitor. Because an elderly persons are trusted more than infant.
He is respected the Howl, and takes to the Sophie. He looks as if the son of them.

Voice Actor: Ryunosuke Kamiki
He is an actor as child part's, born in 1993. He performed to the TV drama of in 2000, and performed the Voice Actor as Bou in "Spirited Away", 2001.
The Calcifer is a satan of the fire. He was a child in the shooting star before. The child in the shooting star dies when falling to ground.Howl prevented the Calcifer from falling to ground before, and they placed a contract, so Calcifer will live long. Details of the contract are uncertain.
He is made to work as motive power of the Howl's house. He is fixed to the fireplace, and moving the Howl's house, and boiling water, too.

Voice Actor: Tatsuya Gashuin
He is one of the most unique actor in Japan, born in 1950. At first, he was known by mimicking the first class talent. He was acting as a singer of "Enka", is a genre of song that expresses nicety of Japanese mind, too. And he performed the Voice Actor as Aogaeru in "Spirited Away", 2001.
Kabu of Scarecrow
He is a scarecrow of the mystery. His true appearance is a man, However, he is made a scarecrow by confusing magic.
He had been inverse in the grassy place at the wasteland. He is rescued by the Sophie, and he ran after her.
However, he did not enter in the Howl's house, because it is said that the Calcifer rejected the magic put by him.
His magic was able to be solved in the last stage of the story. His true colors was a prince in neighboring country.

Voice Actor: Yo Oizumi
He is a stage actor and music artist, born in 1950. He was appearing on a local television program when he was a university student, and belonged to some theatrical companies. He performed the Voice Actor as Frog in fee counter in "Spirited Away", 2001, as a teacher in "The Cat Returns", 2002.
Madam Suliman
Madam Suliman is a wizard who serves the royal family. She can use very strong magic, can use political power as king regency at the same time. She has even the authority declared and concluded to the neighboring country.
She had made the Howl an apprentice before, so she is worrying about Howl now.

Voice Actor: Haruko Kato
She is an actress ,born in 1922. She is coming from of the girls' opera group. Aafterwards, she debuted as a film actoress and acts as the lead actress in many movies. She performed the Voice Actor as Old woman in "Kiki's Delivery Service", 1989.
Heen is a mysterious dog that has the man's face . Usually His behavior is very slow, but he can move extremely brilliantly at the emergency.
It seems that Heen is serving Madam Suliman. However, his ecology is not understood well.

Voice Actor: Daijiro Harada
He is an actor, born in 1944. After it had graduated from the university, he entered the theatrical company and debuted as a film actor in 1970. He is performing to a lot of TV dramas, and is a special invitation professor at Meiji University his alma mater.
He is a subordinate of the subordinate of the Madam Suliman. They are installed in the flying battleship, and they are shot from the stern in the emergency.
They seem to have been men. However, they witched to themselves, and became such appearances.

Rubber man
He is a follower of the Witch of the Waste. They are classified into two kinds. One is an undressed group, and another is a group that dresses up. This illustration is the latter. They were subordinates to whom the Witch of the Waste was faithful. However, they disappeared at the same time when she lost her magic.

Lettie is Sophie's younger sister who is working for the chocolate counter in cafe shop. She thinks she is lucky to the mission and advises to Sophie that she should find the work that she wants to do.
a soldier
He appears in opening of the story. He called Sophie with his colleague at the back of the alley. After that Howl appeared there and they had been made to exclude by Howl's magic.
Howl's uncle (an imaginary picture)
He exists in the setting of characters of the story, but he isn't given a detailed, so he is not well known. He seems to had been a wizard. When Howl was a boy, howl determined to become a wizard in the future because he had been a wizard. He owned a secret garden and the water mill hut where Howl spent during his vacation when he was young. It is said that he had died now, and Howl was succeed the secret garden and water mill hut.


"Howl's Moving Castle" is a story of love of Howl and Sophie. Howl is a coward's wizard. Sophie is an owner of a hat shop that succeeded from died father.

She manufactures the hat in her shop every day. However, she doesn't necessarily like to make the hat.

One day, Sophie is helped by Howl. She had fallen in love with Howl because Howl was very handsome. Howl was chased by Witch of the Waste. She paid attention that Sophie had met Howl. And, she placed a curse at Sophie.

Sophie had been transformed an old woman of 90 years by Witch's curse. Then, 90 years Sophie leave her shop, and aimed at the Howl's house. Then she worked there as a housekeeper. Howl had strong magic power, so he saw through that the 90 years old woman is a 18 years woman. She has been only transformed by the curse!

They started living together in the Howl's house.

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