A Press Conference of "Spirited Away"

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The press conference according to the completion of "Spirited Away" was held on July 10, 2001. Director Myazaki was declared by the interview that he will be retire from the production of the long-piece animation films. Director Myazaki said, "I shall retire from the production of a long-piece animation films. I want to bring up my junior in the future. and, I will be involved in the management of the Ghibli museum which opens in October, 2001. " By the way, he declared the desire to produce the film of the short story.

Hall of press conference

Many video cameras of report staff

From the left,SUGAWARA Bunta, KIMURA Yumi, Director Myazaki, HIIRAGI Rumi, HISAISHI Joe

Scenery of taking a picture

With some characters of the real-size

After the press conference ends, the commemoration screening for finished announcement of "Spirited Away" was held at the adjoining movie theater. A lot of VIP, the talent, and celebrity were invited to the commemoration screening. Director Myazaki greeted to spectators, "I am feelings like the prisoner who waits for the umpire now. and I feel uneasy how to valuated my film by people. I want to run away here if it is possible." However, big applause happened after screening had ended to praise Miyazaki's great achievement. "Spirited Away" will be released in Japan on July 20, 2001.

Procession waiting for entrance

Entrance scenery

The Director and the Producer come out

The Financial Minister take part without submitting

Director Myazaki greets to spectators

Scenery after screening ends

Scenery after screening ends

(Taking a picture day is July 10, 2001)

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