A Test screening of "Spirited Away"

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"Spirited Away" which is the latest film by studio Ghibli completed all volumes in the beginning of July, 2001. And, a test screening event has been held in Japan since July 8.

It is supposed to be said that about 100,000 people are mobilized in test screening event. The reason to hold a large-scale event is that the production of "Spirited Away" did the equivalent delay, so an advertisement period of the film was not able to be secured enough. Therefore, the strategy by which a large-scale events were held was adopted for eminence of the film will be improved by word-of-mouth communication.

The test screening events are scheduled to be continued before July 20 which is the first day of tne film.

Nakano Sun Plaza, one of a hall of a test event

standing peoples

The test event became overcrowded.

The leaving scenery. People were satisfied.

Coverage scenery with TV station

(Taking a picture day is July 8, 2001)

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