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Is the setting of "Chihiro" in which man becomes a pig accepted in the world? 2001/05/14

What message does "Chihiro" send the world? 2001/06/14

Is the setting of "Chihiro" in which man becomes a pig accepted in the world?

The history of mankind was a history of the pig persecution.
Does the rehabilitation of the pig become it by "Chihiro"?
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The pig is considerably drawn though parents of the Chihiro that has strayed off into the God's world are changed by pig's appearance in the"Spirited Away" by a shocking design. As for the pig, the Porco Rosso of the same Hayao Miyazaki work was recalled, and here was deformed in pseudohumanity and drawn good-looking. However, the pig in "Chihiro" is a domestic animal very thing and it is ugly to make physiological disgust woken up. It worries about whether begin to weep because of shock when a small child sees.

The design of the pig is shocked, and the nature a debt from a basic setting "Man becomes a pig". Though it seems that the world distribution is naturally thought because Disney also is investing in the production of "Chihiro", is this basic setting really accepted in the world?Because the pig is an animal that it is made seeing historically and the religion and shouldering various taboos. Man is made a pig because of becoming shape that they challenge tabooing it in the forehead.

The pig has been made the representative of a dirty animal though is profitable as the domestic animal. It is an alternative word of contempt besides being mentioned when lazy man is ridiculed and when it curses it. As for English Pig, brute and by do not come Cochon that the rationality fellow and is French German Schwein contains the meaning of fellow, and satisfactory how to use it is not done probably. The sphere of the culture where word "You are a pig" is a compliment doesn't exist, and be likely not to exist in the future.

Though the pig was fertile god's beast and it was Isis and god Bess's Sakedamono in ancient Egypt as the grandmother, it was done though it was an animal of evil that showed the aspect of Tupon of Accami Set. Egyptian comes to consider the pig to be a dirty animal back. When it might touch the pig, people say to happening to pass that they took a plunge into a river with it puts on clothes at once.

Hebrew also considered the pig to be an animal of the uncleanliness. The taboo concerning the pig such as "Do not eat the pig" (Leviticus), "The pig was dirty for you" (Deuteronomy), and "It is the one that the pig displays the nose with the circle of money that a beautiful woman lacked restraint" (Proverbs) is described in the Old Testament. The pig that did not ruminate was an animal that did not eat for the Jew though it was Guhizume. "You are a pig" is a word in the Jew that shows the maximum contempt.

It was taboo to eat the pig meat even if the Mediterranean sea world was looked about, and the view of which a dirty animal was the pig did not change. To a Greek myth besides the description that Circe who has magic that changes man into the beast changes Odysseus's subordinate into the pig is seen, the pig is made to often appear by the nightmare related to the sexual desire. The fecundity tied to the sexual desire, and was established avaricious also in the Roman Empire pig's omnivorous as each negative symbol.

In the Christianity world, it was considered that the pig was a symbol of satan Satan, large food, and dirty-minded, and it was a dirty essential animal. Of course, it was an animal of the taboo never ate. To the New Testament as well as the Old Testament「Do not throw out the pearl to the pig and do not give it. The pig will try to change the direction after it is trampled down by the foot, to bite you, and to tear it. 」 (Matthew gospel)、"The evil spirit possesses in the pig" (Lca gospel) etc. The description that makes hostility toward the pig demonstrative is seen.

The wood block that depicted the Jew and the pig together appeared on the market widely in Europe in the Middle Ages. The pig and the Jew made a set and were persecuted. It flattered the Christian, the betrayer who had entered was called Marano (pig), and contemptuously also between the Jews. The pig was hate figure's pronoun even though said to where. In addition, the pig was said the incarnation of a witch and an obscene incubus (that not was), and because it was made shouldering various disasters, disliked. The idea that a dirty soul stays in the pig still remains in the present Christianity world though only the taboo of food was lost.

It is Islamic community, and the pig is an animal of the uncleanliness as well as Judaism and the Christianity world, too. It is an animal of the taboo doesn't eat now as described clearly in the Koran, "What thine (thine) should not eat is meat, blood, and pork of Shikedamono". It is thought, "The character becomes humble if it eats the pig and morality and the spirit are destroyed", and the taboo of the pig food is extremely severe. Therefore, all the foods that originate in the pig to say nothing of the pig meat are forbidden to be said. The doubt that the pig is used for a part of the raw material of "Ajinomoto" in Indonesia in 2000 lifting, and having developed even into the international problem are new in the memory.

In the world of the Buddhism, the pig was assumed the symbol of three poisons of avarice, the lust, and indignation with the chanticleer and the snake in the center of "Circle of existence", and assumed to be an animal that showed the crime that tied to the vision, the sense, and the reproduction of this world man. It was assumed the symbol of the uncleanliness still avariciously though the pig was useful if the nature of the nature not tamed was shown, and tamed.

There is a pig in present China, India, and Southeast Asia if considered the domestic animal to be worthy. It is not given, and saying is neither the one more than the domestic animal nor the time of the post following as the dedicating one in pure for food or etiquette. There are the provinces where the pig is kept in the rest room (The human excrement is given as food) in China, too. Exceptionally, the pig is not talked about generally in the image of the plus in the done place in the astrology of China as for the pig even if it often carries out for the person and it is conscientious.

The evaluation of the pig is severely established worldwide generally when seeing like this as the pronoun of and the negative image. The history of mankind was a history of the pig persecution.

People of the monotheism , for example, Judaism, the Christianity, and Islam live in the outlook on the world "Because it was exploited by man, all flora and fauna was made". Man is in animal's appearance, and it is made to do, and, besides, at any rate, there is not a situation that it is made to do in pig's appearance in the sphere of the culture they, of monotheisms, at all other than the man denial in case of the sphere of the culture of polytheism either. Especially, it might be the world that outs of all knowledge for the Christian who thinks that man is god's resemblance appearance.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it will take the religion single-mindedly and generously whether the setting of "Chihiro" that man is changed into pig's appearance is accepted worldwide therefore. The repulsion considerably is not mysterious even if it invites it in case of the one to stimulate the pig man a religious taboo of becoming it as the blasphemy to the god and man. very excellent artistry as the work of "Chihiro"This is repulsion that the dimension is different from the disgust recollected because of the ugliness of a mere design. The country where screening "Chihiro" is not permitted because of the pig might come out.

However, the story for overseas children like a Grimm fairy tale etc. is the one seen well in case of the setting that it is made changing man into the appearance of animal general. The animal wants to be made for man to do without so emphasizing a religious meaning of the pig and to expect to be accepted generously as sect Ubukata of the gotten setting.

Is "Chihiro" produced in the country and Japan of polytheism accepted in the sphere of the culture of the monotheism that occupies the majority of the world population?I wonder whether it can be super-as for various taboos that coil round the pig that spreads all over the world. Can the pig retrieve one's honour?

How Disney judges around here and the global launch is attempted are paid to attention.

What message does "Chihiro" send the world?

Disney is investing occasionally, and the world disclosing of "Chihiro" is called a predetermined route. It is expected that each country Catahan including an English version is produced as well as the Princess Mononoke, and it is disclosed one by one. Worry that a part of scene is cut when disclosing by foreign countries might not be, and must be a contract not cut to begin with. Moreover, the age limitation will not hang because it seems that there is not a cruel so-called scene either. It seems that it is disclosed in shape without uncensored and the age limitation basically.

Economically, it will be maximum used as part of Disney's world strategy. Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki's brand value has already established a constant evaluation. It is likely to be released to raise a further profit by the most effective means and the method. Technically, there is no novel one of it makes a special mention, and Disney the production system in full digital because there is early respect, too, especially, it seems not to have to collect attention. It will be concerned to the drawing level and the effect of production and the expression technique, etc. from the production technology.

However, it seems to attract attention most about no traditional, folk tale, and mental climates in Japan that gave birth to cultural side and "Chihiro" in above all. The reason for "Chihiro" is that potential that it can widely introduce the taste in a legend and folk tale worlds in Japan aiming at the world is hidden. If a traditional value system of Japan is frankly expressed, it is an outlook on the world of polytheism. It is an outlook on the world that various gods live in various places. Though people who live under the sense of values of the monotheism such as America and European countries might not understand easily, it is likely to contribute to the promotion of the understanding the different culture if understood well.

There were a lot of stateless fantasy one as for many of works of Hayao Miyazaki who had been introduced in foreign countries so far. Therefore, universality from which a cultural, religious wall is easily got over is acquired, and it has been accepted also in foreign countries without the sense of incompatibility. The work world was extremely fantastic though only the stage was Japan in "Totoro" Princess Mononoke. Unsophisticated farm village scenery of old, good Japan aroused in "Totoro" and a grand story that was reminiscent of the myth world in Japan as the Middle Ages was assumed to be a stage was interested in of each as for the Princess Mononoke. It works and animism, and a polytheism value system that believes in the god of the god and the animal of the tree is primitive and religious. They were able to be too far apart from a monotheism value system and to be appreciated from the place about which it is not worried that the influence reaches and the value system. After all, it was interpreted as a history story in the Japanese version fantasy world. It can be said that it was accepted exceeding a cultural, religious wall because of the fantasy.

People of the monotheism will try to understand "Chihiro" as the Japanese version fantasy world. However, it will be noticed that there is a part that cannot be digested as a fantasy pure soon. It is because extremely modern and immediately even if the god of the god and the animal of the tree drawn by "Totoro" and the Princess Mononoke is put away assuming that it is primitive animism and a religion. Especially, the collision of the value system comes to light around in the crowded appearance of "God" that doesn't attach with the animal and the apparition, and the outlook on the world that has been believed to be natural will be shaken greatly.

Of course, the pantheon that appears in "Chihiro" is a creation of Hayao Miyazaki. However, because a traditional, folk tale, and mental climates in Japan based on a polytheism outlook on the world are a celluloid board laid under written papers, there is not a sense of incompatibility for the Japanese either. Even Ootori that must be in every respect Hiyoco consents as not amusing if it is Japanese even if there is such a god.

However, the dream is the world as such Hiyoco and the retreat are gods for people who are alive under a monotheism outlook on the world not imaginable. To begin with, admitting other gods' existence becomes an important blasphemy to the god. People of the monotheism:Ootori and ..recognition.. essence is different as the god. recognize it as a god by Jesus the Japanese of polytheismMoreover, it will be witnessed to consent as a god even of the retreat ..their.. Hiyoco the Japanese... They will have "Pagan's work" "Chihiro" made learning by all means.

"Chihiro" will be called the first Miyazaki work that knocks against a monotheism outlook on the world that centers on a polytheism outlook on the world and the Christianity and Islam nations of Japan straight each other when thinking by such a context. "Chihiro" is a work that makes it is in a still Japanese mental hometown polytheism outlook on the world known in the world. The meaning of producing the work by which the Hayao Miyazaki supervisor makes first-ever Japan a stage can be found here.

"Chihiro" is a work from which the value world of polytheism is made as a base. Present age Japan is a society where the pantheon of eight million lives still. It is a society with the depth of the bosom to accept the pantheon in the world including Western Europe. It will be brought into relief that "Chihiro" is a race who accepts, and is believing in the pantheon of eight million where a modern Japanese included the god in Western Europe. Only this religious generosity is a cultural characteristic of Japan. That is, "Chihiro" can become a movie that insists on a mental identity of people who live in Japan today, too.

Understanding to the different culture will deepen, too, after basing it if children in Japan can reconfirm their mental hometowns through "Chihiro". And, if children in the world also deepen understanding of people in Japan to a mental hometown through "Chihiro", a smoother cross-cultural communication might be promoted. I want to expect further mutual understanding to advance in the future.

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