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Can the family of the Chihiro say the family who reflected the times? 2001/07/02

Is "Chihiro" Heisei Period's "Oshin " ? 2001/06/26

What pattern are you in "The child works"? 2001/06/26

How is the dragon acknowledged in the world 2001/07/16.

Can the family of the Chihiro say the family who reflected the times?

35 years old and Chihiros are ten years old in mother and Co of 38 years old and Chihiros according to set material of "Chihiro" in father and Akio Ogino of the Chihiro. In a word, mother becomes the 1991st rare grader the 1966th rare grader the Chihiro by the 1963rd rare grader as for father if it counts it backward this year (2001).

First marriage man and woman's age difference in about 1990 changes according to the vital statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare at about the age of 2.2-2.5. Three years old of father and mother's age differences is an average point. Moreover, total special birth rates (number of children to whom the woman gives birth through life) at this time are 1.54 people. The only child of the Chihiro are not especially unusual. (1)Moreover, the Ogino family is a nuclear family of the married couple and one child. The nuclear family home (About 60% if the single-person household is excluded) that accounts for 80% or more of all homes in Japan is composed.

By the way, though the large family of the third generation cohabitation was drawn as for "My Neighbors the Yamadas" whose family is the main theme, the expansion home where the third generation cohabitation is included now is only in the minority of 15% or less. Moreover, wife type residence like the Yamada family that cohabits with wife's parents is in the minority further. That is, the family drawn by "My Neighbors the Yamadas" actually : while seeing it like a seemingly average family image while a scarce family form where only extremely few ratios exist. The Chihiro family can be reflecting a very average family image of present age Japan. Therefore, let's assume that it is the extremely average one, and presume the data of the remainder by the family form of the Ogino family.

The average period from the marriage to birth of first child changes to the first child birth average age of the woman in about 1990 in 1.0 years - 1.5 years at the age of 27.8. Mr. and Mrs. Ogino's having married becomes for about 1990 years if it counts it backward because the born year of the Chihiro is 1991. The man is 28.4 years old, and the woman is 25.9 years old in the average age for first marriage in 1990. Everyone of everyone 27 years old the age of Akio at this time, and 24 years old Yuko two married as some were earlier as averages.

It was a hight period of the asset-inflated economy at that time in 1990, and Akio's office will have flushed with cash considerably. It was likely to have been able to still marry during youth because Zaczac was provided for the bonus, and there was composure in money.

It is not afterwards, the asset-inflated economy will collapse, and the storm of the recession blow hard in the tunnel of the long depression. And, Mr. and Mrs. Ogino moves in 2001. The reason why for it will being to move is not clear. However, moving to the town that cannot do a satisfactory shopping as long as it doesn't go to the next town is really thick to image of go into the provinces. Akio's character : though driving is also light because it is confident in there are no grounds that it is possible to do as anything is optimistically good. As a matter of fact, it might be a transfer by the reshuffle or the one way proceeding, and might be a move of the result that the office is restructured by chance.

Chihiro family's family structure is extremely average and walks in the main current in the world. It is made to dance by the bubble boom and it walks by it in the age if it has encountered restructuring early due to the marriage and the recession. There is no Chihiro family when thinking like this the family they who reflected the times quite ..thinking... The Chihiro raised to Houdai might be drawn as the applied study thoroughly existence.

(1)A single woman in the meaning that 154 children are born from 100 women also includes it with total special birth rate 1.54. Special person child.. is still done and it is not a translation of being though it rises to about 2.0 when a single woman is excluded.

Is "Chihiro" Heisei Period's "Oshin " ?

Oshin (right) that represents each age and Chihiro.
Was the Chihiro able to catch a glimpse of the hardship of the Oshin?
(illustration: Mr. junko)

It is said that 1000 fathoms in the hero and Ogino of "Chihiro" are very usual girls according to the Hayao Miyazaki supervisor who seem to be anywhere. The Chihiro is neither a highborn Miss nor an owner with the outstanding pretty face. Of course, it is neither a translation with rich special talent, is nor a translation disciplined well, and either it is no polite translation. And, it works and character is taken. Always it is selfish, always always sulky, and it a setting of selfish, helpless girl. Of course, it is not said that only the Chihiro is special, and content that children in an age today more or less have such a characteristic is put.

However, such characteristics are not the responsibilities of children who make the Chihiro a representative. It is a responsibility of parents who have raised it for this if it dares to say, and is a responsibility of the sense of values in the age. Children, it is only Hodoyo results of the adjustment in the atmosphere in the age. Selfishness is not immediately a translation. Parents who disappeared a severe father image and did a long, severe discipline were gone, too. The child doesn't work and either it exists without relation to poverty where it cannot live. In a sense, it cools because there is no Kiri when separately reacting to overflow frog information. It is "It is not so much easily interesting. "

To begin with, selfishness drags Monosashi in an old age and is a gotten I serif. In a modern standard, it can be said that the child like a Chihiro is even more usual. It is an age of now. At any rate, "Chihiro" must be a work that drew the girl of the life-size where it lives in the age named present age Japan.

Well, the girl of the life-size is recalled and continuous television novel "Oshin" of NHK telecasted in 1983 is recalled as for hero's work. Popularity is acquired telecast full at once after Hageme ..that.. ..unsealing... A marvelous audience rating (52.6% on the average and 62.9% or less) was raised and it became even a social phenomenon. Especially, the popularity in the first half of the series sent to service is high, and there are a lot of people who image the hardships hardship at girlhood as for "Oshin". "Oshin" was a mirror by which the entire country projected the historical background of poor Meiji era.

It is enclosed on the other hand by richness, and it becomes a mirror of rich natural of projecting of "Chihiro" to live the historical background of Heisei era as it is. That is, if "Oshin" at girlhood is a god-sent child in a poor age of Japan, "Chihiro" is suitable for calling the god-sent child in the age when it was finished that Japan became rich. Japan rose to a rich country of the eminent world in a short term named Yo leaving aside in only the first century good. It is only 100 years, and girls in Japan are the reasons that have become "Chihiro" from "Oshin". In that sense, you may say the opposite extreme the historical background of "Oshin" and "Chihiro" from what to what. There is only a point that the hero like a mirror that faithfully reflects each historical background is drawn if common.

Only if the girl of the retreat is drawn now, "Chihiro" doesn't have relations , saying that "Oshin" either. However, the environment changes suddenly by suddenly straying off into "Country of Tamashiitamashii" on the day that is "Chihiro". If the girl doesn't work voluntarily, another common paragraph of being driven in to the situation in which it cannot live is prepared. As a result, though the background and the situation are different, in the meaning that it was necessary to work to be thrown out in a quite different relations were in person in question's intention environment, and to live, "Oshin" and "Chihiro" came to stand in same Tihira. It is a story of the girl who works with both, and is a story by which the working girl obtains something.

It is said that the Chihiro that worked by the Yuya House only calls by "Zest for living", was awoken, and did not grow up humanly according to the Miyazaki supervisor. However, work by the Yuya House is sure to become a valuable experience in effective in the future of the Chihiro. The Oshin would not have been able to be effective in an age kaleidoscopic afterwards if there was no endurance that was endured, endured, and endured, too. What can able experience, and it can be made the best use of for the plus.

If the child did not work as for "Chihiro", it dared to set the situation not thought about in present age Japan that was not able to live. It seems that you may consider "Chihiro" to be a work that revived the one "Oshin" in the age of the Heisei era according to the key word that the child works.

It is not a drawn story to endure working and to endure "Chihiro" though it says as for the process of enduring. It is necessary to consider the age difference at the Meiji era and the Heisei era. There is not a view near the one like the study that Kiki did by the Kiki's Delivery Service as for either without it is possible to do even if the Chihiro is said that it worked either. How of the Chihiro working might not enter while having worked if it is made to say to the Oshin. However, if the age difference is considered, you might make the Chihiro often hold out as a girl at the Heisei era.

What pattern are you in "The child works"?

"Zest for living" pulls the Chihiro by working.
It was put out. The expression improves tremendously, too.
It is said that the Miyazaki supervisor was made relieved.
Was the Chihiro still rich?
(illustration: Imi)

The Chihiro having been thrown out alone by the country of Tamashiitamashii as incomprehensible came to work by the Yuya House to live. It was not easy, and work of housework help that it is demanded to work as undoubted "Professional". The Chihiro held out and accomplished the assigned work as the Yuya House ..largeness.. had lost because the Kaonashi had raged.

For the child, often learning and often playing are the professions. However, many children are actually working all over the world. The level is various from easy housework help to fierce factory labor. The child worked in the country, and there is an idea "It is good that the child works also for the person in question's experience" in old times. However, it is to the last depending on the content of work whether working becomes the person in question's plus.

I think that it can divide to the pattern like the following tables the child's working when thinking what pattern you exist. That is, it is three (the (1) help type, the (2) service type, and the (3) child labor type).

(1)Help type
It is so-called housework help, and is not labor strictly. If the house exercises one's employment, the family business might be helped. It is because of not working of so-called pay though the pocket money will be likely to be gotten as a reward. The pay labor is employed by the capitalist, and means the child laborer like (3) that works as independent manpower. (1)Though there is rarely what of ..reeling.. at the expense of studies it is made to exercise is time when ..drinking.... It is eternal for (3) that it is made to work for a long time by an original low wage of a very bad working condition. (1)In help, the way of working from which human growth is pressed by working but moderately too much severely is a feature.

(2)Service type
There is a form of being sent to service like (2) as the middle of (1) and (3). It was not unusual that Japan of the Meiji era and the Taishou era period was sent to service by the age whether went out of the elementary school to decrease the eating pay even by oneself. (It is seven years old that the Oshin was sent to the baby-sitter service by the sake wholesale store in Sakata. )Though work with the master's house is said to be severe in general, severe for bullying and the child, if the talent was expected from the master in the master's house, it was made to go to the school on such as the business supplementary lessons schools. The road to the future is a feature is possible to open it.. depending on the talent and the effort of the person in question though only work is severe serve of (2) in a word.

There was a service system with the trend of the age "Let's help to people who had the talent though the house with composure was poor" that Japan was great. It did not become, and there might not have been economic of present Japan development the remainder of the talent's promotion if overworked as mere manpower the child and crushed either. (The Oshin manages the supermarket after the war and it was able to enlarge because of not being crushed to the talent of the Oshin no matter how it is oppressed in the master's house. )

(3)Child labor type
It is assumed, the child labor is "The child at the age when it attends school originally and the education should be received is engaged in labor to aim at pay continuously" according to the definition of the United Nations, and is distinguished from help of (1) and the service of (2). The essence is for the child to be built in as a worker in the weakest standpoint to the capitalism system, and to be exploited for capitalist's profit seeking. It is exploited to the extent that it works no matter how it works because the capitalist regards the child only as cheap manpower. The ability is not developed, and the effort is not rewarding either. Oppositely, the development of health and the spirit is disturbed by a dangerous, severe cheap labour and it is gnawed mentally and physically. In a word, human growth is obstructed only by the child labor of (3) being single-mindedly exploited no matter how it works. It becomes a labor form of forcing for which the way of working from the possibility in the future is shut.

The child is prohibited from starting in the pay labor as a worker internationally. However, when at least 120 million people are descended, and even the labor not included in statistics is included, the child from 5 years old to 14 years old in whom it engages it in the child labor that the United Nations defines is estimated to reach to as many as 250 million people according to ILO's (International Labor Organization) estimate in 1996. Though the majority have concentrated on the developing country region in Asia Africa, There is a depolarization of the each country government that dislikes thing that the realities of the child labor are clarified, too and the accurate figure is in the dark.

(1)Help type

(2)Service type

(3)Child labor type
(pay labor of developing country)

For the Chihiro

Home situation
There need not be comparatively a lot of affluent families, and the child be put out to working on the outside. It works in the family as part of the education and the discipline.
It is eternal ..poverty and child.., and there no put room in the house. It is sent to service for a so-called mouth decreasing.
Poverty, child, and cash earnings are also scarce. Therefore, if a senior child works and the household economy is not helped, it is not possible to live.
If the life base was suddenly lost, and the child did not work, it was not possible to live though it was affluent.
(Change suddenly from the help type to the pay labor type. )
Contents of the main work It uses, and housework help such as cleanings and weeding a garden:Subject. The family business is helped in the house with the family business such as shops.
The chore whole is done living in the merchant and the wholesale store, etc. and crowding. The work of the shop might be taught, and the part be left.
It works as a worker at the farm and the factory, etc. as well as the adult. A cheap, severe long working hours are often forced on pay yet.
The chore whole is done living in the Yuya House and crowding.
(service type)
Meaning of work
The pleasure that works by playing a constant role at home is found. Human growth is pressed by working.
The endurance that leads to the success in the future is supported by working while adjusting to the environment in the master's house though work is generally severe.
Growth that it only is single-mindedly exploited as a cheap labor by the capitalist, and the more works, is the more human is disturbed.
The zest for living recovers by adjusting to the environment though it works to live for the time being.
(service type)
Hope to the future It is.
The room for the career choice extends because the higher education is received if the house is affluent.
It is.
It keeps not serving, and, then, it will come into view permanently in the future if admitted.
It is possible not to get rid of poverty only by keeping being being exploited no matter how it works.
It is.
It is possible to work with motivation that it returns to former world, and parents are helped.
(service type)

The Chihiro:The service type.
Well, when "Chihiro" thinks how it worked, the Chihiro is shape suddenly thrown out from the help type of (1) in the world of the child labor of (3) on a certain day. It is Chihiro translation that changes radically from the labor of such "Help" a type and faces "It is not possible to live if not working" situation though one and 2 of housework help might have been done while dripping. Moreover, the place is a Yuya House that the Yu-Baaba rapaciously rules. As for deep externals used, the child works from side to side. However, it is guessed that the realities of labor will have been near the service type of (2) as long as it takes a general view of the work.

Of course, how the Yu-Baaba started treating the Chihiro is not understood. I might wring only squeezing and throw it away with poi possibly. However, there was no sign thoroughly overworked to the place said not killing so as not to make the best use of, and the Chihiro called by "Zest for living", was awoken consequentially, and the talent that had it in potential was shown.

It seems that the Chihiro was done a serious experience by the Chihiro, and worked hard. However, it is incontrovertible that there is a side that it is a study story but yet made for the child in the given country. In the world, children who are working under a severer condition are and it is how much. You might note the existence of the children that it is made the consumption of "Zest for living" by severe child labor far from calling "Zest for living" and being awoken.

How is the dragon acknowledged in the world?

Chihiro to try to help Haku by desperate desire.
The Chihiro had been helped by the Haku when it was small.
(illustration: Mr. junko)

The Haku was a god of the dragon that lived in the river that was called an amber river before. Of course, dragon's becoming familiar is deep also in China and the Western Europe world though becoming familiar is deep in Japan. The myth that coils round the dragon catches on worldwide. Let's be what the dragon is to exist for people all over the world.

Of course, the dragon is a product of not the existing living thing but the imagination alone, and has the imagination animal that has been believed in the dragon on a world scale either. The dragon had a big sense of existence too much though Shakespeare declared , saying that "So as not to have seen, the person feared the dragon". Though it is thought that the dragon is reptiles near the snake, and the form is various, it is covered with the glittering scale, and it is a common worldwide tendency that has a powerful foot with the key fingernail and a tail long in which it moves quick. The form provided with the wing like bat is widely distributed, too.

Dragon's history is old with the history of human race's civilization. Dragon's legend already appears in an ancient Assyria Babylonia myth. The dragon in a Greek myth is one theme, and it is being written that the dragon is what the god created it in the Bible, too. The god formed all of the marine creature on the fifth day of the Creation and blew in the life according to the Bible. At this time, a huge dragon was created as a ruler in a vast sea. Therefore, Biblical scholar of successive has made an effort to ascertain dragon's true colors. However, nobody brought every dragon, and even the corpse had not been carried there was a story of witnessing of the dragon ..the number... Still, dragon's existence can believe, is drawn in the form of a variety of imagination pictures, and has spread.

The dragon in Western Europe is often drawn as existence to conflict with man. The legend handed down is a pattern how the bold hero fights roughly against the dragon and it knocked it down. By the way, dragon's existence was believed though the dragon was an object of a biological research in the Western Europe society of the Middle Ages, and it arrived in the 19th century. The scholar in Britain of Victorian age says to the discovery of the new kind that becomes dragon's clue in a colony all over the world of animal that he or she became frenzied. As a result, the dragon that spouted the fire and flew over the sky was not captured to the last minute though a monstrous serpent and a large skink were discovered. In a word, dragon's existence comes to have been believed until all over the world is explored and carried out.

The dragon has been believed also in the sphere of the culture in the Orient from of old. It is described as dragon's ecology is considerably detailed to the old document in the age of. The dragon in the Orient is basically good while the dragon in Western Europe often conflicted with man. Be the relation to man to excellent, and the feature of the Orient to holding a respect for the dragon by man. Moreover, the dragon in the Orient often has the ability that can fly even if it is wingless, and can be transformed to various animals including man. China..historic house..dragon..descendant..insist..few..say.

Of course, dragon's history in Japan is also old. The dragon has already appeared from the mythical world. The story to confront the dragon that is called Ssanoomicot who is the younger brother of Amaterasoomicami Yamatanooroti is handed down. The dragon that appears in the folk tale and the legend also counts, it doesn't cut, and a so-called Ruucami legend has been left in a lot of provinces. The dragon in Japan is often revered as a god generally high-level.

Though time of the post gently rescued when the Haku is a god of the dragon that lives in the river, and a young Chihiro falls to the river was performed in "Chihiro", it can be said that this episode is extremely Oriental. The dragon was a god in Japan, and the Haku was a patron saint in the river. However, it reclaims from the amber river in the bubble boom for the apartment house construction at the 20th end of the century when it was made to dance, and the Haku that loses whereabouts might have come to work at the end that flowed to the flow under the Yu-Baaba.

By the way, are the myth and the legend that coils round the dragon why handed down all over the world?Doctor curl Sagan who is the scientist in the United States is reciting the theory of originating in the memory of the dinosaur from which the myth and the legend based on the dragon have been succeeded from the most initial mammal to man. Glory period and human race's ancestor barrel mammals of the dinosaur were only a small living things that ran about trying to escape stealthily dinosaur's shadow and existed. It is because of memorize of carving at this time being succeeded even by the human race, and having become the dragon legend of all parts of the world. The truth is a theory that it is made to consent somehow though understands by nobody.

The dragon keeps being still effective though the person who believes the dragon to exist was gone now in the mind of people still all over the world. It:..going out.. .. believe the dinosaur that has been exterminatedA familiar, deep imagination animal is not, and might keep living in people all over the world like the dragon in people's minds in the future.

When the return from "Town of the mystery" is accomplished, the Haku might come to stay in the river that becomes dragon's god again somewhere, too.

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