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Excuse: These English sentences are temporary translations, not read easily still very much. I want to revision them neatly some day. Thanks.

What one is aim at "Chihiro" production? 2001/07/07

What is thought as one reason that strayed off into "Town of the mystery"? 2001/07/02

Has "Town of the mystery" how is born, and developed? 2001/07/07

What one is aim at "Chihiro" production?

It is said that the"Spirited Away" is a movie according to the Hayao Miyazaki supervisor that should be called tales of adventure. Though the image that brandishes a weapon by tales of adventure and does the power comparison of ESP is strong, such a scene doesn't appear in "Chihiro". Moreover, because the confrontation of positive dishonesty is not a translation of subject, if someone is never drawn as an absolute good man, someone is not drawn as an absolute bad man. The much more, it is said that it is not a story that uses arms and ESP by the ally of the justice and defeats the twicer.

The stage:A mysterious town to which various gods who live in Japan come. Hero's Chihiro is a usual girl of ten years old, doesn't have the reason that has a special ability, and either it not be a translation with rich talent. The Chihiro is thrown out to a mysterious town suddenly on a certain day, and begins to work by Mr. public bath for the god named the Yuya House. Then, it studies, friendship and devotion are learnt, and all of the experience piling adventure for the Chihiro. "Zest for living" is drawn out from among that. This..zest for The Chihiro who is a usual girl voluntarily says that it can become tales of adventure for the girl of ten years of drawing out usual , "Zest for living".

The good man and all bad men mix, exist, and Mr. Miyazaki points out that he cannot distinguish this sharply the world. The society only of the society only of the good man or the bad man doesn't exist. The good man one and the bad man one coexist in of course one man. To give a clear-cut attitude, cannot how of complete good man or complete bad man. It is a witch for the existence that should be called the representative to rule the Yuya House of Yu-Baaba. It can not be asserted the bad man, sees to be severe, it catches a glimpse of sweet one side, and it competes though it seemingly sees like the bad man. Similarly, to divide, no how that it is a good man whom of the people who work by the Yuya House and it is bad man whom.

"It erodes to a world that has become vague and a vague habit and it borrows the shape of the fantasy, and it begins to draw ..saying.. world clearly today" says that it is a subject of this movie. That is, the Yuya House is "Reduced drawing of the society" in a certain meaning, and the Yu-Baaba is "Sample of man. "

Well, the Miyazaki supervisor regards that "Zest for living" might become weak children in present age Japan. The space to be able to behave only by the child freely becomes small, it is enclosed by adults, and it is defended safely. It is said that "Zest for living" will weaken being felt living only in the mortar dopy when kept away from danger. The Chihiro appears exactly as a symbol of such a child.

However, the child is originally hardening of "Zest for living". The child has the flexibility that can promptly adjust to any environment as always the child the earliest acquisition of local words when moving to the foreign country in the family shows. Of course, though the Chihiro is sure to have such an ability, it is left in a too rich environment of Japan today to there is not a chance to demonstrate "Zest for living", and either degeneration.

However, the Miyazaki supervisor thought how he or she became it if thrown in to the environment where it was not able to live if the child like a Chihiro did not work suddenly. Does not degenerating "Zest for living" have again?

It comes to be able to do nothing but live by my one power because the Chihiro is suddenly suddenly thrown out in a mysterious town, and has been made parents a pig. It works of living in this world. The Chihiro works by the Yuya House, obtains the place, and works hard. The sensibility is sharpened, the whole body is mobilized at one stage at one stage, and it works. Senses are made good use of, and wisdom is worked out. And, remarkable judgment power and the action power are demonstrated and the problem is solved. Thus, the endurance that the person in question doesn't notice either springs up while piling up and exceeding a lot of hardships and the difficulties, "Zest for living" to be asleep in the Chihiro calls, and it is awoken. The Miyazaki supervisor might have tried to express the possibility of "Zest for living" that the child originally had by finishing drawing the process without remaining.

Well, "Word" is one of the important key words in this work. In the world where the Chihiro strayed off, it is said that originating "Word" has weight to which the taking return doesn't attach. The real world where the weight of the word is lost fast is of it like turning inside out. The world only of the meaningless overflow of an empty word not powerful will not have a good influence in child's future. Therefore, the Miyazaki supervisor starts starting thinking, "It is true that the word is power now", and appealing for the weight of "Word" deeply through the work.

Though Japan is a stage in "Chihiro", It is the traditional world in Japan ,that is, a folk space this - It is said that it is because it wanted to weave various traditions from the story, the legend, the event, the design, and each Divine Mind to the enchantment in the work. As for them, the traditional culture in Japan is reflected dark though the god who appears in "Chihiro" is a creation of the Miyazaki supervisor.

The age of internationalization is called out and the necessity for learning the culture and the tradition of the foreign country for a long time is called out. However, a really important thing is to learn the culture and the tradition of Japan first of all. It can be done to understand no neither culture no tradition of the home country, and to understand neither the culture nor the tradition of the foreign country. The Miyazaki supervisor expresses this, "Man who doesn't have the place from which it stands in the age of borderless is ..lightness.. the". It is therefore because the image of the future to say nothing of oneself present cannot be drawn without the place from which it stands.

First of all, harden my feet. Hope what I want to be going to do without it in the future doesn't come into view. "Zest for living" of the girl of ten years is believed, and the girl of ten years believes "It meets true self's wish". The Miyazaki supervisor might have tried to make the work to be able to do the support.

What is thought as one of the reasons that strayed off into "Town of the mystery"?

The Chihiro family who is having the car run to move strays off into "Town of the mystery (world of Tamashiitamashii)" before one is aware. It is not a translation recorded in the map as the human society is soon in the next, and either it is an another world there that should be called a sub-space. The method of going to the world is a complete riddle, and doesn't have what comes and goes freely while remaining either. To begin with, there are few people who know the existence of the world, too.

Why has the Chihiro family strayed off into "Town of the mystery"?

There is no way for me other than presume if the reason is not explained in detail by set material etc.Here, let's think about the bold assumption by making use of there is no explanation. It is imagined that each javelin all Chihiro families has opened the door to "Town of the mystery" if the conclusion is previously written. The key word "Each javelin" can make it come from the idea parents of the Chihiro why it having begun to eat the meal of the shop without permission to the surface.

As for parents of the Chihiro that the town of the mystery strays off, it did and set foot on one. It was the cared none completely though shouted by the disliked Chihiro, "Let's returned".

The explanation of" "Because of curiosity vigorous because parents grew up at the high growth period, and avarice for what is done about the reason why parents of the Chihiro entered the town. Oh dear, the explanation ..understanding.. doesn't exist. However, there is impossibility in the explanation even of the action that began to be eaten without permission by word "Curiosity is vigorous" without the refusal of the meal sold in the shop. It becomes "For the generation who grew up at the high growth period, person's food is a thoughtless generation who unabashedly touches me", and one's thirties in the world will begin to be angry at once if put in order by such an explanation.

Then, why have parents of the Chihiro touched the meal of the shop it without permission?Because parents are near the javelin in the move by restructuring though the region of the imagination doesn't go out, meal might have begun to be coveted without ..order.n.. thinking. Though the cause of the javelin need not restructure separately, anyway, it is difficult to explain the reason that goes out to a thoughtless action that covets the food of the shop without permission reasonably if it is neither some reasons it is nor javelins. It is a translation that I will not have the scary one because I have the wallet and the card even if it is angry because it is found later by the clerk.

The aspect of a typical rising intention and a central intention goes out of father and Akio's faces obviously in the physical education association-affiliated. It is not a face by showing wanting the enjoyment of carefree lives in the country in every respect where. Perhaps, it might have been at the university near the rugby club. And, it was likely to have found employment in the blue-chip company, and to have worked as a salesman in Barbary ..the reliance of networks of the physical education association-affiliated... On the other hand, mother and Co are an intellectual, cool women, and a calculating aspect has gone out calculating on the other hand. When choosing a mate, the physique is good, the wing appearance is also good, Akio who had power to which it seems to succeed besides in the future was chosen, and it seems that the one. This is because of the keep Akio is marked down from early time of doing though the age of marriage of Co is younger than that of the average age for first marriage. Naturally, it was likely to have planned it to install near Mrs. director, and to enjoy rich Urban Life in the future.

The move to and the country and going into the provinces cannot be interesting for the married couple. The much more, it is still a saucer. in case of going into the provinces of the enumeration phrase to encounter restructuring

Co intellectually : coolly. Even if it enters "Town of the mystery" out of curiosity, discretion of stopping it is certain ..saying if Akio tries to start eating without permission, "It eats without permission and it is not goodness"... However, it became with Akio far from stopping it and it began to covet it. Still, Co is in the state of the javelin. It was likely not to think about anything as for the order.n, and both to be even in the place of goodness that had become it very in the state of the javelin.

Though only the expression brightly gripped the steering wheel because Akio is a happy-go-lucky personality on the day of the move, it is likely to have been afflicted in the mind because of the deep sense of futility. ¢I have already come off from highroad to success. Tohoho. £It is necessary. Co also¢It was unthinkable that this person was downsized surely. May I really choose this person?It is a favor and my life is Mechamecha. £Scenery on the outside might have been looked at while thinking. The Chihiro is a Chihiro, and the move is worn. It bit and the appearance of , appeared even to the expression imagining worry that had become Chara the friendship that had been had a hard time up to now and had made up and had to make the friend from one. Thus, though it is an imagination to the last, all families might be corresponding, the "Nature" distort the space momentarily at the time of felt the life in the javelin, and the door that strays off into "Town of the mystery" been opened.

It is not understood whether it is the one by "Nature" of the person who has become a javelin that the door to "Town of the mystery" is opened. However, "Town of the mystery" is good at the view of place where the chance to call and to awake "Zest for living" is given to people who have become javelins. The Chihiro gets the job by "Town of the mystery", works hard, and has recovered "Zest for living". However, it is eliminated because it doesn't get the job with becoming the javelin or, then, it can do nothing but be changed into animal's appearance. If such a view consists, "Town of the mystery" might be existence like Shishi Gami of the Princess Mononoke who absorbs man's "Zest for living", calls, and awakes.

- Though the question of these sentences when the Chihiro family entered "Town of the mystery" reached, it is thought that it was already in the end of the paving when thinking based on the above-mentioned theory on the road to "Town of the mystery". However, it seems that the theory recorded here doesn't pass because it presented to the last one view, and a lot of patterns according to what cause and timing entered "Town of the mystery" are thought. (2001/07/15 supplementations)

Has "Town of the mystery" how is born, and developed?

"Town of the mystery" is the world man must not enter it. Because it is eight million where it lives in various parts of Japan gods' worlds there, and the Yuya House is especially the worlds where god's tiredness is healed.

However, if the world there man must not enter really, man is sure to be erased momentarily of entering or to be made an animal. However, if man also has work there, it is possible to live. Though it is not a person in deprivation of the name when it puts it under the Yu-Baaba = man boundary but also is in the condition, however, it is not a translation ruled in the mind either. In a word, man is permitted to exist as man even in case of being in "Town of the mystery".

It is understood that "Town of the mystery" not be will at least not neither man and man's worlds nor the worlds quite without relation from this. Moreover, it is not by being thought can say that "Town of the mystery" is existence like the mirror in man's world as the Yu-Baaba represents the part with man without either.

In the issue, let's be "Town of the mystery" is to exist with what meaning.

There is no way for me other than presume because this part is not explained in detail by set material etc.Though it stays again in the presentation of the hypothesis, "Town of the mystery" might be invented by the gap between man's world and the world of the pantheon, and developed if it says by the person.

I think that it can draw pattern diagrams like figure below when thinking how the gap of man's world and the world of the pantheon is generated and it expanded.
People who lived in Japan thought that the god stayed in it was and existed in the natural world all the one, and believed the eight million gods' existence from old times. It has been thought that it is the element of nature, that is, god's one's double. It is possible to agree almost without difficulty if said to that mountain if it is Japanese that there is the missis. It is similar even if satyric is said in this forest that there is or it is said in this tree that there is the god of the tree. The Japanese thought the blessing of nature to be God's grace, and lived while coexisting with the pantheon of eight million. Thus, the god was a familiar person for us. (1)

In a word, it can be said that Japan was a country where the world where man lives and the world where the pantheon lives are shared. It was not the one that ran parallel either, and if it was not the one to conflict, it overlapped as it is and man's world and the world of the pantheon were ..harmoniously.. integral in the society in traditional Japan. The missis stayed in the mountain, satyric stayed in the forest, and people lived while having being our to express our gratitude for the god God's grace. It can be said that the pantheon was supported by people's beliefs. (2)
Well, when the modernization of Japan started, it began to cause the gap in coming in succession of man's world and the world of the pantheon. That is, it is appearance of the world only of man. It meant the birth of the area that the god did not put. The reason for a modern civilization is that the thing that the pantheon doesn't stay is invented decline the belief that all pantheons stay. There is no work for the pantheon the world where the pantheon cannot stay. Therefore, it is likely can do nothing but disappear because there is no work even if the god enters it.

Man can enter on the opposite side of the gap and the world only of the pantheon will appear at the same time, too. Because the area where the pantheon was not needed for one side arose, it is a natural result that the area where man is not needed for the other arises. A mysterious Yuya House became the world that man was not able to enter thus with the town. Then, even if man enters it, will it disappear or, if it never gets the job, it be changed by pig's appearance.

The progress of the modernization also will import the culture and the technology of Western Europe at the same time, and influence it also by the world of man's world pantheon. The god and the gramary and magic in Western Europe were told, and it came to cohabit with the pantheon of Japan.
The area without room that world = god only of man entered came to develop more and more when the gap expanded modernized it advancing further. Though men of old times were thought that the god is staying in the kitchen range, nobody thinks that the god is staying in an electronic rice cooker with built-in microcomputer now. Similarly, the person who believes that the god is staying in the personal computer also hardly includes the few people who are who believe that the god is staying in the cellular phone. The first has even disposable articles of consumption room to make the god just like, and stay by neither the personal computer nor the cellular phone of the retreat now.

It balances and the world only of the pantheon will develop to at the same time as expanding the world only of man, too. Though "Town of the mystery" also places the front of the house in a line, the urban area develops, and the Yuya House was made large-scale like the fortress, too, it might have been the one for the human world to develop to consistency.

Though the house of the Zeni-ba (moolah) that has come out in the latter half of the story was making of house of the witch in Western Europe rather than Japan old, this seems even though the result of receiving the influence of Western Europe. Japan is originally a country of polytheism, and it was easy, and is accepted the gramary and magic without difficulty. It might be unquestionable for the cohabitation of the Western Europe culture of and the pantheon in the world. It is likely to settle down in Japan from Western Europe the Yu-Baaba and the Zeni-ba possibly. And, it is a translation of being connected in the railway between a Japanese area and Western Europe area.

Well, "Town of the mystery" in which the Chihiro strayed off was originally in the area that man did not put. However, it was possible to exist then as man if it was able to get the job. The opposite might occur this and completely, too. Then, the god who was able to obtain there is a person who believes "God of the personal computer" and "God of the cellular phone" for instance, that is, "Work" should be able to exist as a god even in case of being originally in the area that the god cannot enter.

The gap might keep expanding further, and "Town of the mystery" developing, too, if the IT revolution progresses, and the highly-networked information society progresses. However, it keep developing permanently?Ultimately, do man's world and the world of the pantheon separate completely?

However, the pantheon seems that it will be not completely gone from among the mind of people who live in Japan no matter how the modernization advances. Neither man's world nor the world of the pantheon will separate completely. It is anyway because the custom of enshrining the god who can live in the land by it is time when about the god such as launch ranges of the nuclear plant and the rocket builds rimless facilities in this country, bright, and holding the ground-breaking ceremony without fail is importantly defended. It also has a presentiment that new god's "Exercising place" is born also by the gain of the sacred lot and the fortune-telling of popular also on the Internet. The number of those who think that the god is staying in the personal computer and the cellular phone will increase in the future.

Japan still coexists with the pantheon by man, and might keep existing so in the future if it thinks like this. Still, Japan is a country that is with the pantheon of eight million.

(1)For instance, Harvest Festival when gratitude is expressed to the age for giving nature to the god of the harvested rice in dedicating eaten Mats. This was Mats that confirmed we lived with the god.

(2) The god whom the person did not believe in dies out because the pantheon is supported by people's beliefs. Shishi Gami in the Princess Mononoke believed it by people and was U god who was able to cut it. Shishi Gami would have died substantially at that time though it did not go to the deicida all the way if people did not believe in Shishi Gami. Similarly, the god in the god of Irori that people did not believe in, the god of Camad, and the well is becoming just like extermination now, too.

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