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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Mitaka city
wants the volunteer staffI

The Ghibli Museum will be completed in October, 2001 at the Mitaka city, Tokyo. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mitaka city is planning an event according to opening the Ghibli Museum for which aims at the activation of their town. Then, they wants the volunteer staff for the event. You can see details the volunteer if you click below the URL.

The preview Showing of "Chihiro" is executed 2001/04/07

Nestle Japan co.Ltd. is one of the supporting company about "Chihiro". So Nestle plans the preview showing of "Chihiro" in July 2001. When you buy some products of Nestle, you can get a ticket for apply the showing. And if you apply with the ticket, you might be able to get the real ticket to see the movie. It will be invited about 45000 people at the preview showing.

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