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Basic Data  2001/06/07

Main Characters   2001/07/15

Synopsis  2001/01/07

Basic Data

Main Staff

Executive Producer
TOKUMA Yasuyoshi
Original Story, Script, Director
Animation Director
ANDO Masashi
Art Director TAKESHIGE Yoji
Computer Graphics
Kataama Mitsunori
Color Design
YASUDA Michiyo
Picture Director OKUI Atsushi
Producer SUZUKI Toshio
Production Studio GHIBLI

Voice Actors

She is a junior high school student now. She started the public entertainments activity when she was 6 years old. First, she had first appearnce in local TV commercial. Afterwards, she was appointed to the commercial of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. She made famous because she was selected by the heroine of continuous teleplay "Suzuran" by NHK, 1999. She is performing to other some dramas and commercial. She is so cute!

Chihiro's father
NAITOU Takashi
He is a mainstay actor in Japan. He made him debut as a movie actor in 1980, and became famous for teleplay "Ienaki-ko" in 1994. He was appointed to the commercial of a video camera by SONY. He is performing his comical father in the. More, he has good fashion sense, and winning the best dresser prize in 1998.

Chihiro's mother
She is a very famous actress in Japan. She passed the audition at a probability of 1/32000 in 1984. She is performing to a lot of movies and teleplays and CM. And she took a personality of radio programs for her.

She is a famous singer and an actress. She debuted as a singer in 1973. After she performed to some movies and teleplays, and she had an appearance results in the musical,too.

He is one of the most famous actors in Japan. He was born in 1933, and he debuted as an actor in 1959. Afterwards, he performed to quite a lot of Japanese movies. He suits the "yakuza" post very well.

He is now junior high school student. He belongs to "Himawari" which is the most famous theatrical company in Japan. He is performing to a lot of movies as an child actor, and taking as a voice actor.

Aogaeru(Blue frog)

He was a singer of "Enka" a Japanese traditional style song; but he did not succeed as an Enka singer. Afterwards, he became a kind of talent. He was making a living by mimicking other famous talents. Recently, he is performing to some television commercials.

Main Characters (illustratted by miss Hanada )

Her name is OGINO Chihiro, 10years old, a heroine of this story. She was brought up very selfishly, and she is always ill-humored.

One day her family strayed off a mysterious town on the way of their moves. Her parents has been made to change pig as a punishment by which meal of the god had been eaten.

Chitiro have to live alone there. Then, she is employed to Yu-Baaba.
She was deprived of her name by Yu-Baaba . And, she came to be called "Sen".

Chihiro's father

His name is OGINO Akio, 38 years old. His character is optimistic, and he has strong curiosity.

One day, he lost his way in the mountain on the way of their move. However, he continued and has advanced. His family also said the back. finally, they reached the town of the mystery.

He found a gorgeous meal in a restaurant. He had come to want to eat it, but a clerk was absent. However, he thought that he only had to pay the charge if the clerk came later. And, he began to eat the meal of the shop without permission with his wife.

The meal was an offering thing to the god. They received the punishment. They were made to change into pig.
Chihiro's mother

Her name is OGINO Yuko, 35 years old. Her character is realistic and daring.
And, she has an equal intention with the husband. It seems that her discipline to her daughter is severe. But, the discipline does not actually disregard her daughter too much severely.

She strays off the town of the mystery with the husband. Then, She had changed into pig with the husband because they ate the meal of the restaurant without permission.

He is a mysterious boy, about 12 years old. His feature is quite uncertain. He is working in the public bath called Yuya .

Haku found Chihiro lost in the town of the mystery. And, he introduced the method how to live there to her. He says that he knew Chihiro since old times. However, he has forgotten own true name. When one's name was forgotten, one's past was supposed to be forgotten there.

Chihiro recalled a true name of Haku at the end of this story. As a result, it was clarified in their past.

She is a witch of uncertain true colors. She is managing the public bath called YUYA in the mysterious town. She is very a rationality. she severely employs her employee, but she is spoiling her son.

She gives Chihiro work at YUYA. However, she deprived Chihiro of the name. She was named "Sen" in Chihiro. She tried to rule her employees by arbitrarily changing employee's name.

She has twin elder sister named Zeni-ba. The character of them is contrasted.

Kamajii is an elderly grandfather who works with YUYA. He is taking charge of the boiler room there. He has 6 arms, and mixed the medical herb by making good use of those arms. The mixed medical herb put in the hot water, andsupply to the public bath.

At first, he received Chihiro coldly. However, he is gentle in reality. He often looked after Chihiro, and gave some advice profitable for her.

Director Myazaki thinks Kamajii to be one of the ideal elderly grandfather.

She is about 14 years old girl. It is said that she is same human being as Chihiro, but, it is all uncertain that why she come to work with YUYA.

Rin taught Chihiro how to work with YUYA. She was a good a senior for Chihiro. She has a lot of complaints and dissatisfaction. However, she seems to be a character without serious worry.

Her dream is to go to the other side of the sea escaping from YUYA. However, her vision is not so concrete.

He is not man, not any god either. It is quite uncertain whether he is any living thing.
He cannot speak voluntarily.

It is necessary to swallow others to his inside the body for him to speak any pronounce. So he swallowed Aogaeru, and, he pronounced by borrow the voice of Aogaeru.

He held goodwill in Chihiro. However, his love expression was merely given the gold dust for Chihiro. He was raged in YUYA because Chihiro rejected to his goodwill. He was weak in doing communications with others.

He is a frog which is working with YUYA. He can talk though he is a frog. His externals are really petty officials, then he is actually a petty official.

He is the dead of money, is only interested in the collection of money. He was invited by the gold dust which Kaonashi presented. And, he has been swallowed to Kaonashi.

Otori-sama are chicken's god. They seem to be chicken's guardian deities. They like baths very much. They often visit YUYA in the group, and take a bath. Their moods seem to be very good!


Chihiro, who is the heroine of the film is 10 years old girl. She strayed off a mysterious space while she was moving to suburb with her parents. The mysterious space was "YUYA" of the different world. "YUYA" means a kind of public bath or hot spring. Various gods and monsters which exist in Japan are healing their tiredness at "YUYA".

The YUYA is being ruled by Yubaaba, who is rapaciously witch."Yu" means hot water, "baaba" means old woman. All humans should work in there, They are changed into animals or disappear if they are not work. Chihiro got lost to her parents in the mysterious space. And, she began to work under Yubaaba to live. Chihiro was deprived from her name there. She was merely called "Sen". "Sen" is a shortening type of "Chihiro" of the Chinese character.

Can she meet parents again? And, can they return?

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