Kurobey Note

Written by TAKEUCHI,Makoto
Translated by ODA,Miyuki
These are photo essays about Kurobey who is Takeuchi's share mate.
I often write a lot in the diary about myself so this one will be short.
Please click on the title that you are interested in as listed below.

Kurobey & Gene    Kurobey & Local Rule    Kurobey & "Au! Au!"

Kurobey & Bike Kurobey & Funny Cap Kurobey & "Go! Go!"

Kurobey & Jump Kurobey & Girl Friend Kurobey & "Hey! Hey!"

Kurobey & Monologue Kurobey & Marine Sport Kurobey & "Hi! Hi!"

Kurobey & Water Kurobey & Pet Sitter Kurobey & "Yum! Yum!"

Kurobey & Girl Kurobey & White Tie Kurobey & Battle

Kurobey & Rival Kurobey & Recent Photo Kurobey & Boss

Kurobey & Shower Kurobey & Small Table Kurobey & Break

Kurobey & Stairs Kurobey & Beta-Carotene Kurobey & Bottle

Kurobey & Hair Kurobey & East Balcony Kurobey & Bed