sense of wonder

Robert F. Young

The Dandelion Girl

Norman Rockwell
Saturday Evening Post, April 1, 1961

Robert F. Young (8 June 1915 -22 June 1986 ) lived his entire life in New York State, except for the three and a half years he served in the Pacific during World War II. He and his wife owned a house on Lake Erie. His career spanned more than thirty years, and he was writing fiction even on the day he died. He published about one hundred short stories in a wide variety of magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post, but he was best known as a frequent contributor to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, where he was most identified with a series of stories about giantesses and their hapless male devotees. His best-remembered novel was The Last Yggdrasill, published by Ballantine in the early l980's; it was optioned by Disney for a considerable amount of upfront money, but no film was made. After his death,

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The Dandelion Girl