Stainer, John (U.K.) 1840-1901

The Crucifixion
Text:J. Sparrow-Simpson, the Bible
1887混声 tb-soli, SATBOrg., Orch.
1Recitative: And they came to a place called Gethsemanet-solo
2The agonyb-solo, Cho
3-1Processional to Calvary
3-2Processional to Calvaryt-solo, Cho
4Recitative: And when they were comeb-solo
5The mystery of the divine humiliationCho
6Recitative: He made himself of no reputationb-solo
7The majesty of the divine humiliationt-solo
8Recitative: And as Moses lifted up the serpentb-solo
9God so loved the worlda cappela Cho
10Litany of the passionCho
11Recitative: Jesus said, "Father, forgive them"t-solo, Cho
12Duet: So thou liftest thy divine petitiontb-soli
13The mystery of intercessionCho
14Recitative: And one of the malefactorsb-solo
15The adoration of the crucifiedCho
16Recitative: When Jesus therefore saw his mothert-solo
17Recitative: Is it nothing to youb-solo
18The appeal of the crucifiedCho
19Recit. & Chorus: After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplishedt-solo, Cho
20For the love of JesusCho
出版9Oxford University Press
CPDLThe Crucifixion

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