Nyman, Michael (U.K.) b.1944

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    Miserere for soprano solo and chorus
    Text:Psalm 51
    1989混声 boy-soprano-solo,SATBa cappella
    出版Chester Music
    録音London Voices(Michael Nyman) -Virgin Venture
    映画 "The Cock, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover" (1989) の中の音楽を独立させたもの

    Out Of The Ruins 〜廃墟から
    Text:Grigor Narekatsi(Book of lamentations)
    1989混声 SATB,divオルガン(ad lib.)
    録音Holy Echmiadzin Chorus(Khoren Meykhanejian) -Silva Screen
    Written in the aftermath of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia for a BBC 40 Minutes/Try Again Limited Production television documentary.
    premier(Broadcasting):Dec.7,1989 The Holy Echmiadzin Chorus/cond.:Khoren Meykhanejian

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