Gershwin, George (U.S.A.) 1898-1937

Girl Crazy
Text:Ira Gershwin
a-8Arne Dagsvik女声 SSAAa cappella
b-16Ward Swingle女声a cappella
1Main Title / Montage
2Sam And Delilah
3Treat Me Rough
4Bidin' My Time
5Could You Use Me?
6Ginger Dear
7Happy Birthday To You
8Embraceable You
9Walking In The Garden
10Barbary Coast
11Fascinating Rhythm
12Bronco Busters
13Boy! What Love Has Done To Me!
14Embraceable You (reprise)
16But Not For Me
16I Got Rhythm
17End Title

2 Madrigals
1Sing of Spring
2The Jolly Tar and the Milkmaid
出版1Alfred Music==not_in_library
2Alfred Music==not_in_library
録音The Gregg Smith SIngers(Gregg Smith) -Vox SVBX5353-3(RA113)
The Gregg Smith Singers(Gregg Smith) -Premier Recordings

Musical Porgy and Bess
Text:Du Bose Heyward, Ira Gershwin
2-aWilliam Stickies混声 SATBピアノ
2-bRoderick Williams混声a cappella
2-c女声a cappella
Act I
Scene 1
3Oh, nobody knows when de Lawd is goin' to Call
4I been sweatin' all Day
5Summertime - Seven come, seven to Pappy!
6Lissen to yo' daddy - A woman is a sometime Thing
7Here's the ol' crap Shark!
8No, no, Brother
9Here comes Big Boy!
10Don't you ever let a woman grieve You
11Oh, little Stars
12Jesus, he's killed Him!
Scene 2
13Gone, gone, Gone
14Come on sister - Overflow
15A saucer-Burial setup, I See
16I ain't never done nuttin', Boss (I can't Puzzle...)
17My man's gone Now
18How de saucer stand now my Sister
19Oh, the train is at the Station
20Oh, I'm agoin' out - It take a long pull to get There
21Oh, I got plenty o' Nuttin'
22Mornin', Lawyer, lookin' for Somebody?
23'Lo Bess, goin' to Picnic?
24Bess, you is my woman Nowベスよ、お前は俺のもの
25I stayin' with Porgy - Sho' you Goin'
26Goodby, Porgy
Act II
Scene 1
27I ain' got no Shame
28It ain't neccesarily So
29Crown, I got something to tell Yo
30Oh, what you want wid Bess?
Scene 2
32Honey, dat's all de breakfast I got time For
33It take a long pull to get there, Huh!
34I think dat maybe she goin' to sleep Now
35Oh, Doctor Jesus
36Oh dey's so fresh an' Fine
37I'm talkin' about devil Crabs
38I lonesome here all by Myself
39I wants to stay Here
40Why you been out on that wharf so long, Clara?
41The hurricane is rampaging Violently
42Oh, de Lowd shake de Heavens
43One of dese mornings you goin' to rise up Singin'
44Oh, dere's somebody knockin' at de Do'
45If Gawd want to kill Me
46A red-Headed woman make a choo-Choo Jump
Scene 1
47Clara, don't you be Downhearted
48Ha ha ha - You low-Life Skunk
50Interlude - Death of Crown
Scene 2
52Turn me Loose
53There's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York
Scene 3
55Dem white folks sure ain' put Nuttin'
56Oh Bess, oh where's my Bess
57Where Bess Gone?
58Oh Lord, I'm on my Way
録音2-cEllerhein Girls' Choir(Tiia-Ester Koitme) -M&I
LP2,6,17,21,24,53,56,58-d慶應義塾大学ワグネル・ソサイェティ男声合唱団(畑中良輔) -King

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