Fissinger, Edwin (U.S.A.) 1920-1990

By the Waters of Babylon 〜バビロンの河のほとりで
1977出版混声 Sop, SATB,diva cappella
出版Walton Music Corporation
録音Pro Musica Chamber Choir(Jan Yngwe) -宝塚国際室内合唱コンクール委員会
MODOKI(山本啓之) -Brain
委嘱:Commissioned by the Minot, N.D., Chamber Chorale, Hardy Lieberg, Director

Dover Beach
Text:Matthew Arnold
1991出版混声 tb-solo, SATB,diva cappella
出版Walton Music
録音Pro Musica Chamber Choir(Jan Yngwe) -Swedish Society
In appreciation: Dedicated to the Pro Musica Chamber Choir of Göteborg, Sweden and their conductor, Jan Yngwe

Lux aeterna
1989混声 sb-solo, SATB,diva cappella
出版Walton Music
録音The chamber choir Trinitatis Kantori(Per Enevold) -Point Records
Kölner Kantorei(Volker Hempfling) -Ars Produkition
Dedicated to the memory of Phil and Dodie Mark

O Be Joyful in the Lord 〜おお、神を喜べ
Text:Psalm 100
*何年*混声a cappella
録音VOX HUMANA(Wolfgang Ziegler) -Camerata Tokyo

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