Duke, Vernon (Russia->U.S.A.) 1903-1969

  • B|pty}y @|u{p~try D{u|{yz, Vladimir Alexandrovich Dukelsky NVbNy̍Ȃ̍ۂ͏o𖼏Ă
    Cabin in the Sky `f
    Text:John LaTouche, Ted Fetter
    1940Musical ComedyOrch.
    5Kirby Shaw SSAPf.
    Act I
    1Wade in the WaterChurchmembers
    2Little Papa SatanLucifer Jr
    3The General's EntranceLawd's General and Saints
    4The Man Upstairs (Pay Heed)Lawd's General and Saints
    5Taking a Chance on LovePetunia
    6Taking a Chance on Love (Encore)Petunia
    7Cabin in the SkyPetunia and Little Joe
    8Holy Unto the Lord/Dem BonesPetunia, Little Joe, Brother Green, J. Rosamond Johnson Singers, and Churchmembers
    9Do What You Wanna DoLucifier Jr and Imps
    10Finale Act IOrchestra
    Act II
    11FugueLawd's General and Saints
    12My Old Virginia Home on the NilePetunia and Little Joe
    13Vision BalletThe Dunham Dancers
    14It's Not So Good To Be BadLawd's General
    15Love Me TomorrowGeorgia Brown and Little Joe
    16Love Turned the Light OutPetunia
    17Lazy StepsThe Dunham Dancers
    18Boogy WoogyThe Dunham Dancers
    19Honey in the HoneycombGeorgia Brown and Boys
    21Death of Petunia and Little Joe Lawd's General
    22Finale Act II: Cabin in the Sky (Reprise)Company

    CjV c̍ȉɖ߂