CDSPC1002 Until I saw...
CA1081991-12-24Sydney Sounds Australian1991
Songs of Sea, Space and Sky
Music:Stephen Leek
11.Until I saw...
22....beating off the stars
4O come, O come, Emmanuel
Music:Ralph Morton
5The Birhtday of thy King
Music:Peter Sculthorpe
6I sing of a maiden
Music:John A. Nickson
7Past Life Melodies
Music:Sarah Hopkins
8Take, oh, take those lips away
Music:John A. Nickson
4 Romatic Choruses より
Music:Colin Brumby
91.If There Were Dream To Cell
103.Softly, O Midnight Hours!
Once on a Mountain
Music:Stephen Leek
111.Once on a mountain
122.Look! There are dark hands
133.Them he broke through the wall
144.And straight away
155.Across the pool
166.In the hush of water
177.It twinkled to him

合唱:St Peters Chorale
指揮:Graeme Morton