GMCD 1739 This Worldes Joie
1This Worldes Joie
Music:Arnold Bax
2Hymn to St. Cecilia op.27
Music:Benjamin Britten
Music:Mark Blatchly
4The House of the Mind
Music:Mark Blatchly
Music:Giles Swayne
6Where does the uttered music go?
Music:William Walton
7Jesu, the very thought of thee
Music:Francis Pott
8The House of the Mind
Music:Herbert Howells
9Almighty God who art the giver
Music:Bernard Rose
10Salutatio Angelica
Music:Philip Moore
11The Twelve
Music:William Walton

‡¥:Schola Cantorum of Oxford
ŽwŠö:Mark Shepherd
ƒIƒ‹ƒKƒ“:David Goode([8][11])

Guild ƒŒ[ƒxƒ‹‚̈ꗗ‚É–ß‚é