SK-539 Angels are Everywhere! The Treble Chorus of New England
Friday Afternoon op.7
Music:Benjamin Britten
11.Begone, dull care!
22.A Tragic Story
55.A New Year Carol
66.I Must Be Married on Sunday
77.There was a man of Newington
87 bis.Lone Dog
98.Fishing Song
109.The Useful Plough
1211.There Was a Monkey
1312.Old Abram Brown
6 Duettes op.63 より
Music:Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
156.Maiglöckchen und die Blümelein
16Liebeslieder op.52 より
Music:Johannes Brahms
4.Wie Des Abends schöne Röte
13.Vögelein durchrauscht dir Luft
Neue Liebeslieder op.65 より
Music:Johannes Brahms
13.Nein, Geliebter, setze dich
Angels are Everywhere
Music:Daniel Pinkham
171.Angels are Everywhere
182.The Angel at Eden's Gate
193.The Angel in the Fiery Furnace
204.The Angel at the Manger
215.The Angel on the Cloud
226.The Angels on the Head of a Pin
23Simple Gifts
Arranged by:Marie Stultz
Requiem op.48 より
Music:Gabriel-Urbain Fauré
244.Pie Jesu
25The Lass from the Low Countree
Music:John Jacob Niles
26Water of Tyne
Arranged by:Michael Neaum
Ode to Shelley
Music:Marie Stultz
271.The Invitation
282.Hymn to Pan
293.With Music Sweet as Love
304.Music, When Soft Voices Die

合唱:The Treble Chorus of New England at Merrimack College
指揮:Marie Stultz
ピアノ:Tanya Kodinsky([1]-[15][26])
ピアノ:Tanya Kodinsky & Richard Stultz([16])
ピアノ:Richard Stultz([17]-[22][25])
オーボエ:Ray Ayers/ピアノ:Richard Stultz([23])
オルガン:Richard Stultz([24])

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