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[The Profile of Toyoko Ishijima]

in Cannes,France

・1995 : Started studying Origami.
・March,1991: Qualified as a teacher of Origami.
・September,1991 : Participated in The Origami Event in Taiwan.
・March,1994 : Participated in Japan Culture Festival in Cannes, France.
・April,1996 : Participated in The 3-rd Spring Seminar in Korea.

 As the present activity, we fold paper at the meeting named "Shisui"(purple water),which is held once a month at the Labor-Welfare Hall of Ikebukuro,Tokyo.
 We sometimes use handmade Japanese paper in order to express seasonal feelings in one's own way..That makes each one's work different to each other.
 I also teach Origami as a volunteer to the aged people for the rehabilitation at the day care center of Komazawa Clinic, twice or three times a month.

[Miscellaneous Thoughts on the Publication of My Home Page]

 Origami is one of the cultural heritages of Japan. We can enjoy making various things from traditional to modern like a dinasour, using square, rectangular or round paper.
 By folding together, the parents and the kids, the old and the young can deepen affection or friendship sharing the pleasure of making things by hand at the same place and the same time.
 I hope this great heritage will be passed from hand to hand forever, and it offers people the chance to touch one another so that we feel the pleasure of life together.

Toyoko Ishijima

I welcome your question or opinion.

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