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Train Your Accent  
Read and listen to short talks and follow the pronunciation advice. Go to the "SELECT LESSON" box in the left navigation bar.

Try: Cellphones
        Study Abroad

[There are many CMs that are not part of the lessons.]
EZ Slang 
Learn idioms by listening to conversations.

Try: Making friends
        Travel cheaply

[There are many CMs that are not part of the lessons.]
More links forthcoming!
  • The sites listed on this page offer short and long passages that English language students can use to improve their listening comprehension. Many of them include a quiz or other exercises, and many of them also include a script.

  • These sites have been listed here because they provide useful English practice free of charge. However, some of these sites also include advertisements or offer to sell a service or product. Being listed here does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of these services or products.

  • These sites are external links. Some of them have been created by individual teachers and are part of their personal home pages. Others are commercial sites. The contents of a site may change from time to time, or the site may be relocated to another URL or may even disappear.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
・ General Listening (easy, medium, difficult)
・ Academic Listening
・ 20-minute ESL Vocabulary Lesson
・ Language Learning and Life Tips
・ Long Conversations with Real Video

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ELLLO Home Page
Recommended! Many interesting listening activities including listening games, songs, speakers by country, and external links. Updated with new material frequently! (Some pages have advertisements.)

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ELLLO News Center

Listen to short, animated news stories spoken by male and female announcers. Topics include, for example, a story on the environment, a story about theft, a human interest story, news about taxis, a new book, and weather.

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ELLLO Theme Topics

Listen to people give their opinions of diving, rugby, weddings, favorite movie, family, early memories, colors, sushi, beach, and many more topics.

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ELLLO Topics by Ability Level

High Beginner Low Intermediate
High Intermediate Advanced

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5-Minute English

Quick lessons and vocabulary practice with scripts. Also, you can practice grammar, reading, and other skills.

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Authentic News Stories (California, USA)

Read,  listen to, and watch authentic news stories and then study vocabulary and take a comprehension quiz. Click on the photos to choose a topic. Click on "Next" to find the exercises and quizzes. If you do not want to do a particular exercise, click "Next."

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1-Language com

Forty lessons  covering daily life, telephoning, classroom English, and short academic talks.

(The listening activities are good, but this site has MANY advertisements that will try to sell you something.)

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ESL About com Listening Comprehension

Many quizzes at the beginning through upper intermediate level. After each quiz, click "More Listening Comprehension" to continue.

(The quizzes are good, but this site has MANY advertisements that will try to sell you something.)

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