Asia TEFL 2006

Fourth International Conference

Research Paper Abstract

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Adding Web-Based Listening Practice to a Listening

Comprehension Course: Cultivating Autonomous


Melvin R. Andrade, Ed.D.
Sophia Junior College and
Aoyama Gakuin University (IE Program)

Through the Internet, learners of English as a foreign language have access to a large and growing body of listening material. Some of this material is intended for learners of English while other material assumes a native or near-native competency. What kind of material is available on the Web for developing listening comprehension ability? How can we evaluate the value and quality of these sites? Which sites do students like or dislike and why? The present study describes a one-semester course in EFL listening comprehension for Japanese college students in which guided and free listening using Web resources played a major role. In particular, it presents and analyzes the results of weekly questionnaires and homework assignments through which the students summarized, gave their opinion of and evaluated the sites. This action research had two aims. One aim was to develop guidelines to help teachers who wish to add a Web-based listening component to their courses. The other aim was to identify sites of particular usefulness for students who wish to continue improving their listening comprehension on their own after completion of the course.
A paper presented at the Asia TEFL 2006--Fourth International Conference, Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka City, Japan, August 18-20, 2006

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