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Fennica National Bibliography of Finland

Linda Union Catalogue of Finnish University Library

Manda Union Catalogue of Finnish Public Libraries

Viola Union Catalogue of Finnish Music

ARSCA Catalogue of the Finnish Art University Libraries      

Helsinki area

PLUSSA: Helsinki, Espoo,
Vantaa and Kauniainen
public libraries
Helsinki University

National Library of Finland

Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration Helsinki University of Technology
Library of Parliament Genealogical Society of Finland Celia Library for the Visually Impaired National Defence University Library
Haaga Polytechnic

HelMet Catalogue

Library of Statistics

Helsinki Business Polytechnic
Arcada Polytechnic

HelCat Helsinki School of Economics



Tampere area

Tampere University Tampere University of Technology PIKI Netlibrary for Pirkanmaa Region  

Turku area

Turku University Abo Akademis Biblioteks Turku School of Economics and Business Administration LOKI Libraries
AINO Turku City Library      


Tritonia Academic Library





SeAMK Seinajoki Univeristy of Applied Sciences      


Jyvaskyla University Aalto-Kirjastot Jyvaskyla University 
of Applied Sciences
Jyvaskyla Educational Corsortium Library


Joensuu University Joensuun Sentukirjasto North Karelia Hospital District Medical Library  


Kuopio University National Repository Library    


Lappeenranta University of Technology      


Oulu University

Oulu University Mobile




University of Lapland Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic




Agricultural Research Centre of Finland Alajarven Kaupunginkirjasto Kuusankoski Public Library Lahti Library for Higher Education
Hame Polytechnic Alaharman Kunnankirjasto Satakunta Polytechnic  

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