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This is an abridged English version of Room Kneo, a personal so-called "home page".

Who's Kneo ?

Kneo (also known as kneo_y) is a Japanese man (born 1957), an ex-programmer who lives alone in Tokyo,
working as a technical translator (mostly software stuff), smoking pipes and keeping himself sober.
On papers, he is Kunio Yoshikawa whose first name is Kunio (pronounced as "k(u)neo").

A Picture of the author, at age 54.
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This room features:

Useless Dictionary of Computing On Line

This is an HTML edition of my book, Useless Dictionary of Computing. The text is Japanese. Sorry about that.

Kneo's Major Works

For Pipe Smokers

As you might have already guessed, I love pipe smoking.
If you are looking for a pipe shop in Tokyo, you may want to try one of the following.
Please note that I have no special affiliation with them.
Maps were hand-drawn and linked to the shop names.

Pipe smoker's links

Music Related Links

Links to my favorite musicians, etc.

Other Links

Miscellaneous links.

Photos of Unfamiliar Scenes

Figures and Letters: Alphanumeric Town



A Head in Snow

Abandoned Car

A Robot

Man-Woman Ultrasonics

A Hungry Cat

Paralax View

Ring World
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And now...

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Well, then, a happy browsing !

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