The installation

A hint for the person to let's attempt to use SofChat by installing it in the server actually has been written. If there is a server which can be easily installed, too, there is a server which doesn't change successfully at all, too. Also, there is a site which doesn't permit the CGI which was written with the C language and so on as the operation policy of the provider, too. Install after ascertaining well.

It is the condition of the Web server for the SofChat operation.

  1. CGI's being executable
  2. The telnet accessibility
  3. The C compiler is usable.
  4. It supports a sharing memory, a semaphore.

    As commercial provider, it is the condition to be quite severe. When lacking these one conditions, SofChat doesn't work. If there is an obscure point, before whom it is is asked, look at FAQ first.

The procedure of the installation

  1. Obtaining sofchat-1.29x.tar.gz

    SofChat of the most new publication is in the page of Download. It crawls on MSIE and it seems that it isn't sometimes possible to download to roll. NetscapeNavigator can download without the problem.

  2. It sends sofchat-1.29x.tar.gz to the server.

    It transfers to the server which installs the archive file of downloaded SofChat by the FTP and so on.

  3. It develops the archive file of SofChat.

    It logs in to the server in telnet and it develops sofchat-1.29x.tar.gz. It is possible to spread out in either following way. When gzip isn't stored, it acquires a source somewhere and install or gunzip (the extract) it in the different environment. The spreading place recommends the place which can not be accessed from Web.

  4. The creating of Makefile

    Before compilation, Makefile must be created.

    The simplest way uses the configure script of the attachment. Because it hears some questions with "configure" from the command line of the shell when executing, when answering it, Makefile is created. The configure script is using Perl. The place of the installation of Perl correct the 1st line of configure with the editor and so on in the case except / usr/bin. (Depending on the editor to use, when the line feed code and so on are different from the UNIX environment, you are careful because make doesn't sometimes go successfully).

    The more anxious one will should be created by the reference in Makefile.sample 等 of the attachment about what Makefile is created with the configure script.

  5. The compilation

    If Makefile is complete, it compiles. The executable file with the CGI file name which was specified by "chat.cgi" or Makefile is complete when all compilation begins if typing with "make" from the command line of the shell and succeeds. It will had better install in "makeinstall" because it is possible only for this chat.cgi to work but there are about three, an environment save file. Because the other source file and the middle file which was made in compilation are not in the execution at all, being necessary, they may have erased. It may be possible when compiling next time to use Makefile just as it is when leaving it beforehand.

  6. It accesses from Web.

    Attempt to access the CGI which was installed in the browser. If going successfully, the screen of the chat is displayed. There is not a reaction and the server error is and in case of てしまった, it is a little and っかい. It may not be possible to move.

The customize feature

SofChat-1.30 since then, it is possible to customize, being basic in the following command. As for these features, only the user with equal to or more than 3 authority levels is usable.

* To return the item which was set in <set...> to the default, it omits a value like <set title>.