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Japan-Nepal Friendship Kite Flying Competitions

I attended with my wife to the Opening Ceremony of 'Japanese Traditional Kite and Tops Exhibition' and 'Japan-Nepal Friendship Kite Competitions' which were held on early October, 1998 in Kathmandu, Nepal.
'Japanese Traditional Kite and Tops Exhibition' was held on 5th through 15th October, 1998 at the hall of Japan Embassy in Kathmandu. More than eighty kinds of Japanese typical traditional kites and many kinds of Japanese Tops were displayed at the exhibition as a program supported by Japan fund.

Please look at an article of Kite-Flying Heritage in Nepalwritten by Mr.Nirmal Man Tuladhar, Managing Editor, Centre for Nepal and Asian Dtudies, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The kite competition has been held since 15 years ago and was reported on the news papers as follows;

Competition of Colorful Kites in the sky-Kusum Bhattarai-

Kathmandu, October 11. For how long can you enjoy seeing kite flying in the sky? Of course, you may feel bored to see kites in the sky for a long time. But Beni Bahadur Karki, Chairmaa of the National Assembly would have recalled his childhood who did not feel any bore to have watched kite flying continuously for three hours last Saturday.
The sky is clear after the rainy season and many colorful kites are flying in the sky of Kathmandu. But the spectators@experienced different excitement in Kirtipur last Saturday.
Kite flying competition was organized at the ground of Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur by the Embassy of Japan and Nepal-Japan Friendship and Cultural Association.
Not only Beni Bahadur Karki, but also Ambassador of Japan to Nepal and other distinguished guests also looked so eagerly watching the kite competition. "See that red kite cut the green one", etc. etc. spectators shout. The two competent appear in the ground for fighting their kites. One contest lasted for five minutes.
This process continued for a whole day.
After winning the first round contest, Steam Tamrakar of Hinode Japanese Language Institute told that once two kites twist, the rope should be loosened then we can easily cut the other kite.
But in the semifinal the formula of Tamrakar did not work. Koran Shakya's string cut Tamrakar's. After defeating more than 25 kites, Pramesh Mackey and Koran Shakya entered into the final.
Wind was not strong enough to push a kite in the air. Referee announced that Pramesh won the final. Koran and Siddhi stood second and third. I am more happy to have an opportunity to fly kites with many friends rather than winning a prize, said Pramesh.
Spectators were eager to see the another contest. 16 kites were displayed for design contest. Those displayed kites also must be flown. 5 out of 16 flew successfully. A kite painted in the image of Devi designed by Laxmi Maharjan was declared first. Similarly, Pabitra Shrestha and Archana Shrestha stood second and third in the design contest. Vulture, Syambhu, Himalaya, Temple shaped kites were some of the newly designed on display.
The last attraction of the program was demonstration flying of large sized Japanese kites. Four different large sized Japanese kites were flown. "Long Live Nepal-Japan Relations" was written in the large sized kite. More than 7 persons were engaged to fly the large kite. At last Chairman of National Assembly Beni Bahadur Karki, Ambassador of Japan and other guests distributed the prizes. "I will come to see the program next year too", said Bikes Kayastha of Kalimati after conclusion of the function.
(Kantipur, October 12, 1998)

Kite Flying Competitions

Gorkhapatra Reporter, Kathmandu, October10. Tribhuvan University premises was crowded today which used to be quiet on Saturdays. Although it was a holiday, many people were gathered there to see cricket and kite competitions.
Kite competitions used to be organized in Tundikhel every year but this time the program was organized in the open ground at Kirtipur.
10-12 feet high kite brought here from Yokohama, Japan by Mr. Masami Takakuwa as the symbol of best wishes to Nepali people was the main attraction of this year's 15th Japan-Nepal Friendship Kite Flying Competitions.
16 and 17 participants took part in the kite flying and kite design and display competitions respectively.
Prabesh Mackey, Koran Shakkya and Siddhi Bajracharya stood first, second aad third respectively in the flying competition. Similarly, Laxmi Maharjan, Pabitra Shrestha, Archana Shrestha stood first, second and third respectively in the kite design and display contest.
The program was jointly organized by the Embassy of Japan and Nepal-Japan Friendship and Cultural Association. Prizes were distributed by the Chairman of National Assembly Beni Bahadur Karki, Ambassador of Japan Tomohiko Yanase and former Finance Minister Dr. Yadav Prasad Pant to the winners and runners up.
(Gorkhapatra, October 11, 1998)

Tape-cut scene at the Opening ceremony of 'Japanese Traditional Kite and Tops Exhibition' which was held on 5th October, 1998 at Japan Ambassy in Kathmanzu, Nepal.
More than 150 attendants including the Chairman of National Assembly Beni Bahadur Karki were invited at the opening ceremony.

Japanese traditional kite "Shirone kite" and large "Rokkaku" (not shown) flew in the sky by cooperation of many Nepalie children.

The Chairman of National Assembly Beni Bahadur Karki, Ambassador of Japan Tomohiko Yanase, former Finance Minister Dr. Yadav Prasad Pant and other guests are looking at the games of Kite Fighting Competition.

The kites of sixteen applicants for the creative kite contest are displayed on the panel.The judge of contest was performed on the point of creativity, beauty of art and flight feature.

This photo 'Rokkaku' was taken at Pokhara in the back scene of Mt.Machhapuchhre.

'Rokkaku' was flew in the sky at the garden of Hotel New Crystal at Pokhara.

The frames of 'Shirone' kite are being fabricated.

'Shirone' kite is being tranported at the starting point.

'Shirone' kite is ready for flying.