Last up date:1998/08/01

This page was generated with permission of Mr.Masaaki Satoh, the author of the book "Nagoya Koryu dako".

There are three types of Nagoya Koryu. Those are a horsefly(Abu) type, a cicada(Semi) type and a bee(Hachi) type in their configuration. The Nagoya Koryu shows an excellent flight feature in a strong wind such as 5m/s to 15m/s and have a hummer with high pitched sound.
Although the height of the kite usually does not exceed more than 60 cm, the flight stability in the strong wind is very excellent. The building technique is very difficult because it needs a supurior craftmanship and experiences.
Mr.Masaaki Satoh is an outstanding kite builder of Nagoya koryu. Following kites are his great works.
The frame constructon and dimension of typical Abu dako is shown in the last of this page.

Front view and Back view of Abu dako

#3 Abu (horsefly)

#4 Choshi (long wing)

#5 Inkyo (retirement)

#6 Abu (horsefly)

#7 Semi (cicada)

#8 Semi (cicada)

#9 Semi (cicada)

#10 Hachi (bee)

#11 Okame (plain women)

#12 Sanbanso

#13 Ozuko (large head)

#14 Fukusuke

#15 Abu Beka

#16 Semi Beka

#17 Abu Beka

#18 Abu Beka

#19 Abu Deko

#20 Abu Beka

#21 Semi Beka

#22 Semi Beka

#23 Semi Beka

Frame Construction of Abu dako
Dimension "unit:mm" :A=590, B=550, C=480, D=470, E=465, F=425, G=410, H=365, I=285, J=275, K=242, L=82, M=300, N=165, O=155, P=122, Q=43, R=360, S=55, T=25, U=35