Last up date:2003/1/12

This kite was designed by Akiko Takakuwa.

EList of Materilas

1) Sail : Japanese paper (Washi)

2) Vertical Spar : 0.4 mm depth ~ 3.0 mm width 170mm long (Bamboo)

3) Horizontal Spar : 0.3 mm depth x 3.0 mm width 245mm long (Bamboo)

Sail is bonded with spars by adhesive.

Details of the Plan

A=40mm; B=115mm; C=122mm; D=40mm
Bridle points: Cross point of horizontal spar and vertical spar, poit E.
Center of bridles: Poit F is about 1 cm from the cross point of spars.
Length of bridles: About 30 cm. Long tail (about 2 to 3 m) of woolen yarn should be attached for stabilizing.

Japanese dolls are displayed in home on 3rd, March which is the memorial day of dolls festival.

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