Last up date:2003/1/12

This kite was designed by Akiko Takakuwa.

EList of Materilas

1) Sail : Plastic paper or eqivalent (Thjickness=0.025-0.05mm )

2) Vertical Spar (B) : 1.0 mm depth ~ 5.0 mm width 900mm long (Bamboo)

3) Horizontal Spar (C) : 1.0 mm depth x 5.0 mm width 900mm long (Bamboo)

4) Spars (A) : 1.0 mm depth x 3.0 mm width 230mm long

Sail is bonded with spars by double sided adhessive tape.

Details of the Plan

Point D and F are bridle points and point E is the center of the bridles.
DE=50mm, DF=450mm

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