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News on May 10, 1997

1. A History of 50 Years of Shorinji Kempo has been published.

A History of 50 Years of Shorinji Kempo is one of the major projects of Shorinji Kempo's 50'th Anniversary.
Volume one of this book is a history which covers from the birth of founder So Doshin, through foundation of Shorinji Kempo right after World War II, to present.
Volume two is a collection of records of every branch in Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.
This is a rare and valuable record of spiritual struggles of So Doshin and his disciples for peaceful society through serious practice of Shorinji Kempo.

2. A Seminar of Sapporo Shorinji Kempo Society was held.

On February 2 at Sapporo Higashi-Ku Gymnasium gathered together branch masters, instructers and students from many branches in Sapporo, about 40 participants in all, to study basic techniques, applied techniques and philosopy.
Applied practice of Go-ho techniques was very successful. Five or six participants made a group and each group examined a degree of perfection of defence against attacks by group members. It was very good for every participant to share a friendly attitude to the other members.
About philosophy, Ueyama Sensi, a branch master of Hudson Branch gave a lecture on a history of Japan-China relationship around World War 2 and a starting point of Shorinji Kempo.

3. A Seminar of 50th foundation anniversary for Hokkaido and Northern area was held.

  Commemorative Seminars are being held in 5 areas all over Japan to celebrate 50th anniversary with as many Kenshis (students of Shorinji Kempo) as possible, and to make bonds among Kenshis much stronger than before. The seminar for Hokkaido and Northern area was just held where we were given a lecture by Doshin So the 2nd, a seminar of techniques. Celebrartion parties was also held.

 The schedule was as below.

  May 3(Sat.) 13:00〜
  May 4 (Sun.)  9:00〜16:00

<Participant's qualification>
  any kenshi over 15 years old


  Sapporo Nakajima Taiiku Center

◆Celebration Party: Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo

News on February 4, 1997

1. Shorinji Kempo O-asa Asanomi Branch Web Site was opened.

2. Ohta came back from hospital.

 Though he has been in hospital, he came back to his house in January. He dropped by at Dojo, and said he couldn't come to dojo because he was told by his doctor not to do physical exercise for a while. We hope he will take a good rest for recovery.

3. Congratulations !
Nakaya passed the promotion test of 2nd dan.

 Nakaya, who belonged to Asanomi Branch for two years and went backe to his home town in Asahikawa last year, is now attending to Asahikawa Kita Branch. He passed the test to 2nd dan. We expect him to do his best mora than before.

4. Four new body protectors.

 As new protectors absorb every strong shock by kick or punch, they are very helpful particularly for kids and ladies.