EIRSAT-1, ENSO, Hayasat-1, ION-SCV 012, KOYOH, SpIRIT, uHETSat

● (No.1148) EIRSAT-1, ENSO, Hayasat-1, ION-SCV 015, KOYOH, SpIRIT, uHETSat (2023年11月15日)

EIRSAT-1:Ireland's first satellite
University College Dublin, Ireland
437.100MHz 9k6_GMSK

EIRSAT-1 has left Ireland for the last time as preparations begin for
a planned November 2023 launch in North America.

The satellite, designed, built, and tested at University College Dublin,
in the framework of the ESA Academy educational programme for university-level
students by the European Space Agency (ESA), is heading to the Vandenberg
Space Force Base in California from where it will be sent into orbit.

A flagship project of UCD C-Space, UCD's Centre for Space Research, the UCD
School of Physics and UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering,
EIRSAT-1 (Educational Irish Research Satellite 1) is Ireland's first satellite. 

EIRSAT-1 is in particular part of the European Space Agency (ESA) Academy's
'Fly Your Satellite!' initiative, which offers university students the training,
space-expert mentoring and hands-on guidance throughout the entire life cycle
of a professional satellite project; from design to building, tests, launch
and operations. ESA also provided the launch opportunity now coming up.

A miniature cube satellite, or CubeSat, EIRSAT-1 was first announced in,
and then selected by, ESA for Fly Your Satellite! in 2017.

Europian Space Agency
Sample wav

45 49 52 53 41 54 2D 31 49 72 65 6C 61 6E 64 27 73 20 46 69 72 73 74 20 53 61 74 65 6C 6C 69 74 65 21
 E  I  R  S  A  T  -  1  I  r  e  l  a  n  d  '  s     F  i  r  s  t     S  a  t  e  l  l  i  t  e  !

http://wakky.asablo.jp/blog/2023/12/02/9639136  EIRSAT-1 first decoded
http://wakky.asablo.jp/blog/2023/12/02/9639194  Other Satellites launched
http://wakky.asablo.jp/blog/2023/12/06/9640495  EIRSAT-1 decoded @SatNOGS

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