Emulation of a KISS TNC with MixW


Da MixW not in the situation, to store the received and decoded data in a KISS file, is, a KISS TNC is emulated

with the subsequently described driver.  At first, one loads the driver ComEmulDrv3.zip from the MixW

web page down.  This ZIP file becomes entpackt in an any table of the hard disk.


Installation and configuration in Windows XP


o  START - >  Attitudes - >  System control offen

     HARDWARE - >  it opens to the hardware of Assisten - the question whether the

     appliance will already be connected with FURTHER

o  answers

o  list scrollen and NEW HARDWARE downward adds chooses

o  hardware MANUALLY from the list ADAPTERS select

o  IN MASSES MANY TIMES seeks and on further clicks

o  Datentager selects and the corresponding table, in which the driver became ent  packt, writes down,

o  ComEmulDrv.inf select and select port bridge in the nearest window MixW serial

o  installs







After successful installation, a virtual serial interface pair must be furnished.  It now becomes in the example

for Pair1 COM5 and COM6.  In order to let the alteration become effective, a latest Art of the computer is necessary.

After the restart, two wide virtual COM interfaces stand by the disposal, that however, ports won't show in the system

control and COM.


One goes configuration of MixW


Nach the start of MixW into the menu CONFIGURE - >  TNC emulation.  As port, we use COM6 * with the

accordingly registered interface parameters.  The check mark of DISABLE DEVICE cannot be sedate. 




We change into the menu FASHION to the discontinuance of the operating mode and choose SQUEALS.

In the next step, we open the menu for FASHION SETTINGS.  In the Tab GENERAL, the check mark is placed PORT

with EMULATE KISS TNC'S ON TNC EMULATION.  MixW now refers all data at this virtual port COM6 with it.






By the Windows driver, a virtual connection between COM6 and the configured COM5 (Pair1) now is furnished.

This corresponds to a zero modem cable in something with reel of existing serial interfaces.

Consequently the data are broadcasted from MixW after COM6 and are received again at port COM5.


Terminal program and KISS file prove


... and exactly here we pick up these data again.  We use a simple terminal program and direct it for the serial

port COM5 with the corresponding interface parameters




It now doesn't matter which Terminalsoftware uses one.  I use a myself-written program, as well what from decodes

like the serial data the KISS frame and him/it as Hexdump shows.  The storage in one *. kss file is possible of course.






One uses Hyperterm, for example, the terminal is to be configured also on the COM5 of course.

However, the serial data cannot be decoded since Hyperterm doesn't recognize the KISS frame and so wild,

only ASCII representable, signs of the screen appear.







In order to generate a KISS file, one stores the receives data in a TEXT FILE from.  Actually, it become write

any right text file but the received bytes unchanged into this file. this generated file now is a binary KISS file,

that now is shown with a KISS Viewer or can be further-processed corresponding software.