Report 1. (8-August-1999)

 Making Pingu animation

Pingu's films are made at the Pingu studio....which is known by every Pingu fans. One year before,we have been understanding the all process which is making stories, dolls, properties, and recording are made there, at the Pingu studio,but actually, the films works are made at the Head office, Pingu's studio in Russikon, and recording studio in Lugano.

 * Please understand ! we cannot inform the address of Pingu studio and the head office.

1. Pingu B.V.

 The head office is Pingu B.V. There are two presidents Mr.Weber and Mr.Mazzola working here, they plans invent of Pingu's episodes and also manage the budget of the in business.

   The office of Pingu B.V. is in the old city
   of Amsterdam. The City of Amsterdam is
   crowded with many sightseeing tourist, but
   the back street, there is a few people.
   The episodes for Pingu films are made in
   such silent atmosphere, one after another.

  (Pingu B.V. office is the third building from
   front of the photo of left.)
The look of buildings in Amsterdam are
almost the same. So, it is so hard to find
out the Pingu B.V. Althought, a small 
pingu stuff is sat perched at the office
window. As the stuff, it seems a little
different from that sold in Japan, but looks
so cute! 
    This photo was taken from another side of
   the river. The Pingu stuff was sat at the
   office window. The office building is the center
   of the photo.

Photo by K

2. Pingu Studio

As you know, this is the Pingu studio in Russikon near Zurich. The most part of Pingu film is made here. Drawing scripts,making dolls,stage properties, and stage sets,the staff people must be working with love as well as today.

   The look of the Pingu studio.
   If I have a chance, I want to enter the
   inside of studio.

Photo by emiko


3. Recording the Pinguish is at recording studio In Lugano.

The vedeo films made at the Pingu studio are brought to Lugano where is a city of Switzerland near Italy. There is the recording studio. And the recording the Pinguish is made by Mr.Carlo Bonomi here. The voices, the sound, and sound effect is recorded 5days for 5 stories. It is very famous that he(Mr.Bonomi) plays all charactors of Pingu, but more surprising thing is that there is no scripts for recording! Every one roll of films moves, voice of a charactor is recorded and repeated for all charactors. Finally, the films are completed and these are spread by TV and vedeo around the world.

I think the charms of "Pingu" is enjoyment and warmth which the films are all hand-made. The staff's careful works is packed in the 5 minuites films works. I want to appreciate there work and I expect the new film works.

* reference : "Present from Pingu" by Michael Jakob (Tokuma syoten)