Opening keynote speech in SVG Open 2004


September 8, 2004

I gave the opening keynote speech "Can schemas help SVG interwork with other markup vocabularies?" of SVG Open 2004. The abstract and PowerPoint are available.

Examples in the keynote speech

  1. RELAX NG schema for sXBL (XML syntax)
  2. RELAX NG schema for sXBL (Compact Syntax)
  3. RELAX NG schema for SVG 1.2 (There is a minor bug in svg-basic-structure.rng. The permissible value of the attribute version should be a <choice> of three values.
  4. NVDL script(more readable and ISO-conformant, but not implemented yet)
  5. NRL script(implemented, but less readable)
  6. Non-monolithic XML document containing SVG 1.2 and sXBL


  1. NRL by James Clark
  3. DSDL
  4. XML 2003 session report: Namespace Routing Language
  5. XML 2003 session report: Combining multiple vocabularies without tears