The Monochrome Set, You Presume

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Strange Boutique 1980

Presenting, The Monochrome Set.
Why hadn't anyone thought of this before!

Fine visions into the mysterious place where music originates are offered in this first release. Intense,playful, unconcerned, The Monochrome Set reveal themselves to be conjurors of gorgeoussound. Effortlessly drawing from an extremely broad pool of influences, they present a jeweled treasure which is to capture the interest of pirates and aristocrats alike. A preview of things to come, Strange Boutique astonishes and brings a smile. Listeners are transported to exotic places, welcome and unexpected. The music flies past and leaves a stunning fullfillment. How can The Monochrome Set reveal imagery and emotion that reaches from classical beauty to ingenious silliness, in nearly the same breath, and arrive at an entirely satisfying place? You decide.

commentary/opinion by Todd Holden  (18.Jan.00)

Love Zombies 1980

"...Can someone tell me why once again we're food for vampires tonight?..."*

Not only was Strange Boutique not a fluke, it was just the beginning of what was starting to like like an affair without limits. Love Zombies stretches from the Grand compilation "In Love Cancer" to the celestial "Adeste Fidelis" to songs that would fit right in on the soundtrack to The Fearless Vampire Killers, with absolutely no sacrifice of artistic beauty or fun.
....nothing for us to do but grin.

* Quotation from the song "Love Zombies" by Bid/Haney/Square

commentary/opinion by Todd Holden  (1.Feb.00)