During a visit with Toshi Takata in Japan, 1970, I was requested and inspired to write of Miss Takata's interesting and enriching life. We became acquainted and friends during her visits in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1954, 1964 and 1969 when she came as a house guest of Professor Ruth Strickland and also in my home .

Miss Takata began the account of herself and her family the summer of 1970 when I visited her and we vacationed at Gora in Hakone National Park.
The days were not long enough to more than begin to exchange the many questions and answers; most of the information came later in letters until her death in 1974.

Toshi Takata's deep understanding and lively interest in people won her life-long friends. She linked in friendship her friends with each other and led many to a deeper meaning of friendship.
She became indeed a kind of spiritual bridge.

Elsie Kinunell Field
Bloomington, Indiana