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Calendar Converter
The newest information of Calendar Converter when.exe

Julian Day No./ Julian/ Gregorian/ French Revolutionary/ The World Calendar
Japanese Date/ Chinese Date/ "Shibun"/ "TaiheiTengoku"/ "I" people/ Chinese System
Indian Solar/ Bali/ Thailand/ Tai people in China/ Tibet/ Indian System
Islam/ Java/ Iran/ Copt/ Jewish/ Greek like
Shire/ Gesen/ Mars/ Thiering/ Seasons and weeks
Maya long count/ Others/ Reference/ Available List

Calendar Conversion Form


Calendar Conversion Form using Calendar Converter when.exe

Japanese/ Luni-Solar/ Gregorian/ Julian/ French Revolutionary/ Ethiopian
Islam/ Jewish/ Tibet/ Thailand/ Bali/ Maya long count/ Hobbit Shire

Query Example of the Eras Today's History

Universal Unit System Proposal of "Universal Unit System" using base 12 and physical constants
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