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   The night train from Zhengzhou has arrived at the Beijing west station a few minutes to seven o'clock.

(pic1-2) The west station. There are four stations in Beijing, north, south, east, and west. I saw the banner written, "The ticket of the city each station departure is good at reservation by telephone call for four days" at the west station. We have made hearing the story that Chinese cannot move freely taking by train or because the telephone circumstances are bad, the cellular phone becomes popular Chinese, until quite recently.
(pic3-8) They are snap photos of the town seen from the car window of the bus. It was just fall on time zone of going to work,so we just hit on the wave of the line bicycle heard from the rumor.
(pic9) After all the last dinner at Beijing and at China is at the restaurant. Though I do not want to say in the full voice, but I don't like the peking duck which has plenty fowl. I think it is the highest I have ever ate at the welcome feast held at the Beijing physical college six years ago, maybe because of the first time. There were fries without coating of young scorpion at the time, too.
So I will sleep early today when i finished stuffing the suitcase with memories. I'll get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning, and come home where works will wait from the Beijing international airport. I also have to update my homepage.
(pic10) The bridge seen in over there was the only road to airport until six years ago. To run to the airport on the dust road like this spending one hour, I It was always coerced into skipping breakfast of the day when I returned home then.
(pic11) Pekin International Airport.
(pic12) One of 10 famous building in Beijing, the National Agricultural Exhibition Pavilion.(Added Sep.2006)

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(pic21-22) Tiananmen Square and Gugong (alias = Forbidden City) existing the north side of the square are almost located at the center about Beijing City. It is indeed wide when looking around from the center of the plaza. because it was a few days ago of China's National Day on October the first, the plaza, and also everywhere in the city, was buried with the flower completely.
(pic23) It is Great Hall of the People corresponds to National Diet which is located on the west side of the plaza = left side toward Tienanmen.
(pic24) Soaring in the south area is the People Hero Monument.
(pic25) The Museum lines up on the east side.
(pic26-27) Tienanmen of daytime is familiar because of TV. However, when the night comes, a different face of it is shown to be improved the lights. The lighting of green and purple is often used in China. I hear that it is possible the tourist can go up to the upper stories on the gate now. However, it is very regrettable that you can't stop recalling that day ten years ago when you see the beautiful appearance of it.
(pic28-42) Tienanmen is the entrance to Gugong. The gate of formal Gugong appeared inside while passing through the gate. It takes about one hour only in the amble to the Jingshan Park side on the back door from here. It will take how many days if slowly visiting it. This time, it is a hard schedule that wee see Gugong and Great Wall in half a day. I walked not to be late for other member though I kept triggering a camera at any rate. I leave the explanation of Gugong to TV. Seen the movie "Last Emperor" might also remembered the place, "Ah that is there". For instance, the last passage placed between the red wall is a place where young emperor Puyi was practiced a ride on a bicycle in the movie.
(pic43-46) Tiananmen Square this year is also busy with decoration for China's National Day. The decoration that celebrates the direct train to Rasa and the Beijing Olympics in 2008 were rapidly advanced.(Added Sep.2006)

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(pic51-53) After about 1 and a half hours' ride on the expressway from the Beijing town, Juyangguan, the Great Wall for Chinese came into view to the car window. It had taken three hours from the city to here before. Foreign tourists arrive at Badaling running for about five minutes more in addition.

(pic54-61) When I climbed the rampart the wave of the crowd as a ceremony of the Olympics site proposed who buried the place five years ago was recalled vividly. On the rampart, it was jammed with the tens of thousands of young workers and of students who gathered from the whole country were hoisting the red flag, singing, the TV camera of every country in the world that reported it, and i could not go ahead. Incidently, it was fine day without any cloud as much as today.

Standing here, the bustles of Tokyo and job are all vanishes from consciousness, and am embraced mysterious feelings. About what did ancient soldiers think while looking far mountains in the north standing in this same place?

I pulled back to real world by the voice of the saleswoman to buy the medal of commemoration.

I recalled there had probably been a camel under the rampart and peeped though, the appearance was not seen.

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 (September 1999)

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