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(pic01) First step of the sightseeing in Luoyang is museum. The inside was deserted in the early morning. Taking a picture in the museum is prohibited as usual.

(pic02-03) Passing through popular apartments, and crossing the bridge, we came out to the city suburbs. The free market there they comes for purchase from the adjoining provinces, and returns piled up the load of being about to spill out the roof of the bus. Though here was a produce terminal there were a lot of individual guests, too on the weekend.

(pic04-08) Guanlin Temple has a grave of Guan Yu, one of the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms. The grave was contrarily simple with a gorgeous temple.

(pic09-18) The white horse temple is an old temple where the Buddhist scriptures were put when two Indian monks brought with them a white horse carrying sutras and figures on its back. The famous Xuanzhang also took sutras home from the western area and put them here. Enterring the gate, there are bell tower at the right hand, and the drum tower at the left hand. Queuing up by two in front of the gate are stone lions. There was three coloring lion in the courtyard here though is usually white.
It is said that there was a tourist who is questioned on two stone lions' male or female, turns behind, and looked them from the under. There is a male on the right as you faces, whose forefoot is on the gem. The left one is a female that plays with a cub, I hear.

(pic19-21) Hwang Ho was not as wide as I thought. It is said that there are not as much as 1m depth with the sand flowed from the upstream when I dubiously thought why there was not a shadow of the ship except us.

(pic22-24) We run to Zhengzhou on the expressway by bus. The mounds who beautifully does the row in the field are ancient tombs which have no names. The roads in this country have improved day by day. We took a first-class sleeping car from Zhengzhou to Beijing. It was a comfortable four person private room with bread and milk at breakfast. When I looked into the second-class sleeping car, it was a good old-fashioned tripple]deck bed room without door.

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