George VI & Elizabeth : Christmas Card (1944)

GEORGE VI & Elizabeth

(1895-1952, King of England) &  ELIZABETH  (1900-2002, Queen of Great Britain) Fine wartime christmas card addressed to Reverend Stone, (Dean of Windsor) signed by both. Under the printed message "with best wishes for Christmas and the New Year", opposite a real black and white photo of the King and Queen with their two daughters in Buckingham Palace, 6.1/4" x 5", on folded ivory card with the Royal Crest in gold embossed on the front, together with original envelope, n.p., Christmas 1944

cf. In April 1944 Beatrix's name was in The Times again. 'The Queen has bought a complete set of Beatrix Potter's "Peter Rabbit" books for children as a sequel to her recent visit to the headquarters of the Red Cross & St John Book Campaign, which the Times Book Club is organising nationally in aid of the Duke of Gloucester's Red Cross & St John Fund.' The countrywide salvage collection of paper for the war effort had resulted in more books being sent off to be pulped than were available for library issue or even for purchase, and a scheme had been set up to collect 'books of sufficient worth to be retained in circulation' which were then sold in aid of the Fund. The books were offered for sale, first to public and county librarians, and then to members of the general public. On her vist to Wigmore Street Queen Elizabeth had bought fifteen volmes from the shelves and then requested the Peter Rabbit books, only to be told that none had been donated. As luck would have it, shortly afterwards, a complete set of the little books, in the Peter Rabbit bookshelf with which they were sold at the time, was sent in from Henlye-on-Thames and dispatched at once to the Queen. (Peter Rabbit : Artist, Storyteller and Countrywoman : Revised Edition by Judy Taylor. pp. 208-9)