Gabon 1996Namibia 2001Philippines 1979
Giant Pangolin
Manis gigantea
Temminck's Pangolin
Manis temminckii
Malayan Pangolin
Manis javanica

Chinese Pangolin
Manis pentadactyla

Pholidota does not have a tooth, and the body is covered with "scale". As for this "scale", it is the hair changed. Five fingers have a hand and a foot in walk together, and each has long sharp nail. The tongue is slim, and it seems to be an earthworm, and the stomach is unitary, and there is not the appendix. It is distributed over Africa and the Southern Asia, and seven kinds of one course's best genus is known.
The body of common pangolin is covered to the firm scale that hair changed and common pangolin is head long torso 50-60cm, Japanese blue magpie 28-35cm. When common pangolin felt danger at time to sleep, it curl itself up to cover the ventral without the scale. It live in level ground and the mountainous district and it dig the hole in the ground and make it a nest. It prey on an ant by night in ground or on a tree. As for the scale, a considerable number is catched and killed by a human being so that it is used for materials or the talisman against evil of the Chinese medicine.

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